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World egg stir

” in 2010. Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said that the Russians had nothing to fear crisis. Fear I had before and now fear it is too late. ” Internet is filled with sly jokes like, the authors of which, apparently, are employees of companies that have gradually lost work, but who have not yet received notice of dismissal.

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How to understand the drawing that the office worker in mind

At the negotiating table, at meetings and staff meetings, many of us turn into Aivazovsky, Shishkin and Picasso. Someone throws a proud profiles or funny faces, someone meticulously draws noughts and crosses, and someone cuts on paper arrows and hearts. Someone who negotiates, do not stop this occupation : these ” sketches ” may suggest, in the correct line is moving the conversation in which the emotional state of the other person.

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Absurd expenditure budget of Moscow-2009

moscow_mono-rail Officials finally decided : the crisis- this time to spend. Therefore, in 2009 we missed half of the Reserve Fund. March 16 Premier Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which 1.6 trillion. rubles. from stored in this fund 4.8 trillion. rubles. go to plugging the budget hole. Obviously, until stocks run out of gold, power, and will not think to compress waste.

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All works good. In the UK, a list of occupations of the future

futurama– futurists British researchers supported by the Government to explore prospects for the labor market and figured out how to prepare for professions to be those who are only now that I went to elementary school or kindergarten. As a result, there have been 20 promising areas, each of which has the potential to provide hundreds of thousands or even millions of jobs.

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Bartenders, waiters and counselors. Whom young people can earn some money this summer

For some summer- during holidays and recreation, but for young people is the best time to earn money. “Today, ” found out what jobs can expect students and pupils, not to leave the city, which are waiting for conditions of work and how much they can earn. Ideal option for students job search- these are sites that specialize in employment.

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What not to do in the absence of superiors

funny_office.jpg When the chief absent from work, subject to a sigh of relief- and even arrange holiday disobedience. Here are a few examples of what troubles can befall when people are too abused his newfound freedom or responsibility.

Head / boss did not come today / did not come to work. What do you do ?

a) Vbezhite in his / her office, and search through the drawers out of it in a convenient, easy chair ; or b) realize that this is a great opportunity to prove themselves responsible and capable employee.

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Why not ” friends” with the boss on Facebook

army-facebook The chief asked to “friends” on Facebook, and you do not want to give him access to their profile ? This is the dilemma. How can correct situation, not to offend the author and do not spoil relations with him ?

Morning in the German office. Young man boots the machine.

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Imperfect world of George Soros

George Soros says that he has a great intellectual influence was Isaiah Berlin (Isaiah Berlin). So it makes sense to look at the world through glasses Soros the philosopher, who was born in Riga, who shared the world of foxes and hedgehogs. In his public life Soros- fox-minded. His success as the founder of an investment fund based on the ability to do daily billionaire set rates.

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Crisis in Russia: how to hit and who

The focus of the Western press is the global financial crisis and its impact on Russia. Despite all the expensive anti-crisis measures, the situation continues to deteriorate. Western investors overestimate the risks and often go out of the country. Meanwhile, the Kremlin announces new ” bailout ” infusions, but as they say many observers, the Russian government position reeling.

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What to do during a bank robbery, if you- not a robber ?

Over the past two years, Ukraine has been plundered over 110 bank branches. How many bank customers about ATMs robbed, no one even considered. What you need to do to have the money you will ever need. The journalists ‘Money’ figured out how to act in emergency situations to save both life and wallet.

reports of armed raid on a bank branch found on news feeds with terrifying regularity.

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