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What questions to ask before a job

The interview- it’s not ” interrogation ” of the applicant. Of course, it often begins with questions recruiter about your experience, education, why is this vacancy attracted you among others. But then the prospective employer expects questions from you. It is important to not only ask the right questions about the future of the workplace.

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On the Internet you can earn $ 400 a month

net3 Internet has penetrated almost every area of ??our lives- it communicate, buy and sell, watch movies and listen to music. But in a global web, you can also work and earn quite good money for virtual work.

Online rivers flow of money- it is estimated, revenue from online business last year amounted to more than 700 billion.

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Between ” default ” and the crisis

crisis The compromise between Democrats and Republicans saved the U.S. from a technical default. But the problems of the first days of August have not been in vain. Their outcome was downgrading the U.S., to develop markets “swing” around the world and was forced to recall the word “recession.”

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” Antidefoltnye ” vote in the House of Representatives and Senate of the U.S.

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Online Gambling in Spain went on the decline

In Spain gambling market has not the right time. In view of the high taxes on gambling in this country, all gaming operators profit fell by 10 % over the past three months- now it is 55.4 million euros. Analysts gambling cause a similar crisis in the area of gambling in Spain lies in the high taxes- annually casino loses 72.5 million euros in taxes.

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How not to ask for a raise

payment.jpg When a person learns how earn his colleagues, his first thought- require allowances. However, there are right and wrong ways to do it.

I need the money. And the more- the better. However, now that the credit system is in crisis, corporations are cutting costs, and the British had not outlived the natural silence and ask for an increase is not so easy.

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Seasonal work : where to earn summer

Newspapers and websites are full employment offers from restaurants and bars, agricultural companies, retail outlets, hotels and resorts. Nevertheless, experts have concluded that the choice of seasonal work in Ukraine is worse today than a year ago. Then Ukraine ready for Euro 2012, across the country were created hundreds of new jobs, and the Ukrainians had a good opportunity to update my personal budget.

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” Author, zhzhosh ! ” Business netiket new time

business_communication.jpg The other day my friend financier gave a presentation of the new project. The day before he was going to catch up on sleep, ” bounce back.” Alas ! All day before the presentation he corresponded and calls back, specifying who will come to her. Of the 103 invited honored his answer of 11.

” Today we are seeing the effect of the backlog of ethics in general and business ethics in particular from the new realities of our lives- says Julia Lukashenko, counselor engaged communication issues in the banking environment.- in our lives for a short time, we have a completely new means of communication, and shows that people by and large are not yet ready to use them adequately.

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Rowdy colleagues : how not chafe those obstructing work

Each working team necessarily usual employee who straining air frustrating working atmosphere, annoying sitting beside his behavior- in a word, indirectly interfere with other work.

“Today” identified the seven most common types and learn from experts how to learn with them peacefully to work side-by-side, or at least try to neutralize their harmful effects on workers.

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Ukrainians live with the crisis for another two years

ukrainian-crysis Ukraine has never been a thing in itself. USSR tightly bound us closer economic ties with Russia and other Soviet republics, and power Ukrainian metallurgists and chemists made ??us a piece of the puzzle called the global economy. As a result of this integration economic crisis rather quickly reached full swing here in Ukraine and hosts.

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10 common mistakes novice businessman

new_businessman.jpg For 14 years, when I was doing my own business, I made a decent contribution to the pile of business errors. I also watched their wards, which I helped to develop their own business. I noticed that their mistakes are usually the same. Below- 10 most common ” blunders ” newcomers to the business area.

1. Sales of the “wrong ” people

Successful sales collateral certainly a profitable business, but it does not mean that your task is ” vpihivanie ” product to the first comer, including family and close friends.

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