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How to understand that you need to change jobs

People are different. There are bums and parasites, are workaholics and fans work. First, of course, the next ogorchatsya dismissal, but how long will not shed tears. But the second part is very difficult to work with a familiar borough, even if from the boring work already aching teeth.

So, how to determine what your time is already gone,- writes today.

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How to tell the boss “no” and not to break the career

boss-m.gif Boss Christina Ballinger constantly finds excuses to call her office on Friday- the day when Christina, by agreement, should work from home. How she manages to get out of the situation by staying home and not resorting to direct “no” ?

“Every time I spend on the road to the office two hours- says 30-year-old Bollinger operating software consultant in a company specializing in information technology.- I recalled the boss of our agreement and explained that I could spend those hours to perform their duties.

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Cashless control

In Ukraine, broke out a new ” criminal financial” scandal. Tax showed a keen interest in WebMoney, almost blocking the operation of this system in our country. And the National Bank met predictable situation calmly. However, in recent years the state is trying more and more tightly control calculations citizens.

Financial Web unfreedom

In early summer, the electronic payment system in Ukraine zalihoradilo.

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10 habits that can undermine the credibility of all colleagues

krasinskill3.png Any man would want to be successful in career advancement, and in everyday life. This requires not so much- to inspire others and to maintain a high level of confidence. Alas, not all are capable of it. Moreover, some even very decent people rooted bad habits, just get rid of that, as advised by the magazine USNews u0026 World Report, you can achieve the above objectives.

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Onion happiness. How do people make a strange business ideas

Pickled Onion In the harsh world of competitive business survival of the fittest, it’s understandable. However, some entrepreneurs prefer to go another way, choosing not to compete, but something (as bequeathed to participants of ” Monty Python “) is quite different. According to these weirdos, the commercial success and stable profits are not guaranteed to those who are successful and those who have other stranger.

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Office Romance : Do not let feelings damp reputation

can not take my eyes off of an attractive woman at the next table ? Or constantly thinking about tall, dark and stately guy? Then welcome to the world of office visits,- a world that is fraught with many wonderful moments, but often turns into hell with the obligatory visit to five times a week. Regardless of the fact whether you are in love with a superior or you fascinated trainee- mix work and love of adventure is not a good idea.

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Can you get fired. How to defuse the situation

fired01.jpg If your workplace you suddenly began to receive signals that work can sail out of hand, do not do anything in this situation- the worst thing that you can think of.

{4 } This is how the Council has acted in such threatening circumstances in the pages of the American Journal of USNews u0026 World Report, Alison Green, a specialist psychologist on staff.


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New work: 6 reasons to escape directly from the interview

new_job03.jpg Anxiety associated with the device for a new job, ” blurs ” head knocks thoughts and correct assessment of the expected future place of work, which inadvertently pushed into the danger zone.

Despite this concern, psychologists advise not very tense and clearly understand- all is not gold that glitters. That is, as explained magazine Business Week, not all existing companies deserve to be in them, we work and build your career.

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Rating online divorce

inet Every day we spend more and more time in the virtual world, using the resolving their computer and the Internet. But technically literate today are not only developers of new technologies, but also scammers who use vengeance IT- trends in their illegal purposes. Experts in the field of Internet crime argue that “virtual” bandits seek out their victims among naive Internet users.

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Dismissed employees as revenge former employers. Litigation and minor mischief

revenge The law guarantees equal rights and protection of the interests of both workers and employers. However, labor legislation focused primarily on an employee in need of social protection. And, unfortunately, in practice employers often faced with the abuse of labor rights by staff.

As the dismissed employees are often

Most all workers appeal to a court or labor dispute committee.

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