How to understand that you need to change jobs

People are different. There are bums and parasites, are workaholics and fans work. First, of course, the next ogorchatsya dismissal, but how long will not shed tears. But the second part is very difficult to work with a familiar borough, even if from the boring work already aching teeth.

So, how to determine what your time is already gone,- writes today.

The most enjoyable part of your working day- it is the way to work. You listen to your favorite radio when driving around in their four or reading a fresh newspaper, if you are lucky public transport. Pleasure breaks off already on the outskirts of the native office : the car you do not want to get out, and before step beyond the perimeter of the glass doors separating freedom from imprisonment, you just can not fill Nakuru…

You throws in a cold sweat when you realize that your days like one another. Haunted constant deja vu, and colleagues, who see this whole routine optimistic, just annoying adequate human consciousness- that is you.

You ask anyone below the rank of ” How are you? ” , and you always answer ” It is not fired.” It seems this is a sure sign that your office time to tie.

You overestimate his fellow soldiers. Especially strong opinion changes relative to those before you just freeze out. Now you are ” in the tank “, you still, nothing else can irritate you. Just do not understand, for what sins you were stranded on this island of bad luck.

You are tied to others. For example, someone has to bring you daily reports or printouts, someone- Photocopier email- s etc. And you would be more willing to do everything themselves, the bureaucracy only binds your hands and prevents the workflow.

Discussions in the smoking room you seem meaningless and vacuous. And indeed all speculation which gives colleagues something primitivschinoy. Looks like you are a stranger in this celebration of labor…

You look forward to meetings, briefings and letuchek to enjoy plenty sagely everything and everyone around. You play along with the director of the play and also writhes knows neither face. And inside heartily laugh at all this absurdity.

You start screwing cautiously trite cliche , such as ” today we are busy : as always, to conquer the world ” or ” Smoking- workflow harm ” with or without.

When someone tries, even in a friendly way, to pass on to you their duties, you are ready to explode and destroy everything around : ” me and my work enough !

And finally, the last sign : once you took to read this article , then, in your soul already been sown doubts about the dismissal.