How to understand the drawing that the office worker in mind

At the negotiating table, at meetings and staff meetings, many of us turn into Aivazovsky, Shishkin and Picasso. Someone throws a proud profiles or funny faces, someone meticulously draws noughts and crosses, and someone cuts on paper arrows and hearts. Someone who negotiates, do not stop this occupation : these ” sketches ” may suggest, in the correct line is moving the conversation in which the emotional state of the other person.

“These kalyaki- malyaki- in essence, the key to our subconscious. After all, we are often emerges thoughtlessly, ie, disabling consciousness. And at this point in the arena and is subconscious, “- says a practicing psychologist, graphologist Tatiana Zadorozhnaja. Expert help decipher the “Today” most popular stories desktop office painting.


On paper appeared doll robot- your counterpart feels a puppet at the negotiating table. If loomed proud profile- it is closed for communication. Say the opposite frontal. In this expression should be interpreted literally, the hero figure smiling- Major and the soul of your interlocutor.


If you see that a colleague at a meeting with a flourish in different variations draws his signature- he of himself outside yourself. That is the most fixated on his person. For the presentation of some long unborn project- excellent condition. But dialogue is not very much.


The squares, triangles, etc. say that the person to concentrate on the problems discussed his thoughts in order, and he certainly will offer a solution to the problem. But circles, especially interconnected in the form of Olympic rings indicate that sitting at the negotiating table is not enjoying its involvement in the process and really wants to join the work.


it’s all to be taken literally : Bunny appeared on the sheet- the author is unsure of their abilities, and maybe even desperate chicken. Bear- says calm confidence. Tiger, but still grinning- your counterpart set very, very aggressively.

{8 BOOM}

Well, if the arrow is looking up : by drawing all the attention, the maximum configured to communicate. Looking down- then he focuses on, to your left- it’s all in the mind of the past, to the right- about the future.


{3 Their} draws a person who wants to be a star talks. It will not in any way seek to remain unnoticed. How would such a productive endeavor- is another question.


kalyaki- Malaki

When a person actively zaretushevyvaet something on paper shades, it indicates that he does not want to speak, masks his true intentions. Bring it to a sincere conversation is the more difficult than with great pressure, he writes his kalyaki- malyaki.


In the head the author of this figure- a full order. He still planned, calculated. And even if you are very strong desire to be hard to confuse.

{8 chess board}

signaled that people doubt the correctness of the decisions that he is trying to organize their thoughts.


Pay it not only on the subject of the picture, but also on the technique of its execution. Frail, thin lines will talk about the same human condition. Conversely, the more pressure- the more the author drawing energy. The more it will be the corners- the more aggressive will be set up to draw. But flowing lines tell about the possibility of compromise.

Author: Elena Tocarciuc