Why not ” friends” with the boss on Facebook

army-facebook The chief asked to “friends” on Facebook, and you do not want to give him access to their profile ? This is the dilemma. How can correct situation, not to offend the author and do not spoil relations with him ?

Morning in the German office. Young man boots the machine. One of the first pages, which he will open today- as, indeed, and every day,- Facebook.com. His attention was immediately attracted three new proposals to “make friends.” “Great, now everyone and attach “- thinks the young man and suddenly freezes in indecision, seeing the list of candidates for friendship name of his boss… try to understand what he should do in this situation.

Big Brother is watching you!

An average owner of a profile on Facebook- 70 “friends.” Among them- the close friends and relatives, friends and colleagues and even Aunt Masha from a neighboring apartment, where a daughter- opened high school for fun account.

Why is it that, in this motley company should have no place boss? ” On-site employee, I would not make a superior in your friends list on Facebook, because there is a danger sooner or later make public information not intended for his eyes and ears,”- said the lawyer and expert in the field of information law Ulbrihts Carsten (Carsten Ulbrichts).

” friended ” the boss, you open it to access personal information. Now he will know what and at what time (working ?) You publish in your profile. And it means that you have to constantly monitor their actions. This is logical : Head- one of those people that can have a serious impact on your life, and to what he know how much beer you drank at the last party came off as cool Mando Diao concert Sunday night (hence the two-hour delay to work on Monday) or that the Fiat Multipla, in your opinion- the ugliest car in the world (and suddenly it is there goes your boss ?). In short, if the boss will appear in the “friends “, you automatically become a member of the reality show. Boss Watching You.

sick- pain offline

In the practice of law in Germany have already been precedents when the staff had to pay for a similar frankness. ” The manager of one of the German company took sick leave, citing a migraine, but the whole day has been active on Facebook: post comments, post pictures. This notice her head and made her an official warning,”- says a Berlin lawyer, an expert on Internet law Henning Krieg (Henning Krieg).

Chief, according to him, reasoned as follows: if an employee feels well enough to spend a whole day on the Internet, she might as well come to work. So, she took sick leave without a good reason, and for that she is entitled to claim.

In other words, invite the boss to Facebook- it’s almost the same thing to agree to his proposal to install in your workplace surveillance camera, that he had the opportunity to constantly be aware of what you are doing. You need this?

Resolute method

A reasonable question arises : how to decline the invitation chief so as not to cause him annoyance or dissatisfaction ? “The best way- politely decline, pointing to the fact that you’re using Facebook in private and did not want to mix personal life with professional- recommends an expert in the field of information law Carsten Ulbrihts.- It’s like inviting the boss to go to a restaurant- if not want, you do not have to agree. ”

no consequences in terms of labor legislation have such a refusal can not certify the Berlin lawyer Henning Krieg. ” If you have a private profile on Facebook, and you would not want to bring back the chief, then from a legal point of view, he can not impose that you and present to you about this claim,”- said the expert.

{6 Diplomatic method}

For users who still fear that the employer may not like failure, and prefer to accept the invitation of the Chief. Henning Krieg recommend that you restrict access to their profile boss. This can be done by using privacy settings, which are in any social network. “For example, on Facebook, I myself can decide what information I make available, and what kind of people. And even those who have already entered into the category of ” friends “, I can selectively hide certain data- for example, photos- said the expert.- Therefore, in a pinch, you can make the boss to your friends list, just need to ensure that he did not see anything you post. ”

by such tactics, according to Krieg, and most necessary to resort boss ” zafrendivshemu ” his subordinates. ” And then it is not known whether he will retain authority after its employees will see pictures of another beach vacation,”- says the lawyer.

Know your place

By the way, the authority : a virtual friendship with the boss does not mean that you have with him now best buddies and can afford unceremonious treatment within the walls of the office or outside. Your relationship should remain strictly professional and after you respond to his invitation to Facebook, experts advise.

Recommendation avoid familiarity towards friends in social networks is contained in the latest publication of the name of the German Council Knigge (Der Deutsche Knigge-Rat). This is a public association, named after the famous writer Adolf von Knigge, who in 1788 first in Germany published a book about good manners, develops rules of behavior in modern society. ” The virtual world of social networking should not be a pretext and justification for egalitarianism,- says the publication of the Council, dated July 2010.- Appeal ” friend ” in relation to a business partner or a boss can be rightly perceived as abuse of power and encroachment on their person. ”

and finally- a tip for those who are thinking about himself, if not invite the boss to ” friends ” on Facebook or any other social network. According Ulbrihtsa in America, which is slightly ahead of Germany in terms of netiquette, in large companies already have specific recommendations on staff interactions in social networks. ” Employees are encouraged to form groups based on the hierarchy of the firm, that is not to make friends on the upstream and downstream positions,”- said the expert.

Author : Julia Setkova (“Deutsche Welle”, Germany)

Source: InoSMI.Ru