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business_communication.jpg The other day my friend financier gave a presentation of the new project. The day before he was going to catch up on sleep, ” bounce back.” Alas ! All day before the presentation he corresponded and calls back, specifying who will come to her. Of the 103 invited honored his answer of 11.

” Today we are seeing the effect of the backlog of ethics in general and business ethics in particular from the new realities of our lives- says Julia Lukashenko, counselor engaged communication issues in the banking environment.- in our lives for a short time, we have a completely new means of communication, and shows that people by and large are not yet ready to use them adequately. As a result, we have what we have,- communication without rules. ”

More than just suffering from it the most popular form of communication today- online correspondence. For example, I like most of the 20 million Russians, constantly using the World Wide Web, I feel it every day. The simplest example- emails from a 20-year-old intern. Each time, sending her regular editorial job, I put in the ” subject line is ” your name and a summary of the essence of the message. Something like ” Yang Art- questions to the material on the mortgage.” Responses from students much less intricately marked : “RE: Yang Art ” (RE- Replay- a symbol of the return message.) Understand what is contained in the message, it is impossible. When my patience ran out, I asked the girl not to be lazy and fill the ” subject line “.

” But why? “- Surprise fluttered her eyelashes intern. And then I explained to your destination could not understand how important it is to him your letter if it contains an ordinary message or any urgent matter first and foremost whether it is necessary to open the message. To honor my intern, she took this explanation with interest. Alerted other: for it such arguments were clearly a complete revelation. With that, the girl is well mannered, always say hello and goodbye to all those present, care and appearing at the office and so on. The fact that she is lazy to label his letter was not a manifestation of promiscuity : she just never thought about it before, as it appears in ” electronic form “.

” Everything that is connected to the Internet, in the public mind yet perceived as a ” zone of absolute freedom “,- says Dmitry Cinar, a practicing psychoanalyst.- There is no recognized authorities, there is no censorship, no standards and templates. On the one hand, it’s not bad, but in this situation manifests downside: the online communication is no established rules and common courtesy and rules of conduct. and it leaves an imprint on everything from communication forums to elemental correspondence. ”

I write to you- what more? {2

} vozvrashen to the top 90 of the 92 invited too lazy to confirm receipt of the letter expressed businessman Dmitry wearily dials the number for number, genuine surprise about this concern : ” Yes, the invitation received. what are you talking, man, I know how it important to you, of course I will come. ” And none of them had thought about what it is- on the eve of an important event to make so many phone calls. As a result, hero of the occasion was annoyed and tired, the presentation was held without inspiration and mood Dmitry and his staff was pretty spoiled.

“Shaping electronic communication standards- a matter of time- says Julia Lukashenko.- Any new kind of human communications should grow a tradition, a sort of code of unwritten rules that determine “what is good and what is bad.” But, in her opinion, the emergence of such rules can contribute to corporate policy- for example, the rules of business correspondence, telephone conversations, SMS business established in of a company. Especially as the psychologist, the companies themselves are interested in a speedy appearance of such ” e- ethics ” : mistakes and negligence communications irritate customers and can be very detrimental to their loyalty.

, however, introduce an “electronic ethics ” it is not easy, especially at the level of small and medium-sized businesses. ” I never thought that so hard to teach girls- time clerks and gently draw responses to emails or picking up the phone, and clearly enunciate simple phrase : “The company is a- what a good day ! “- Says Vladimir Kvashenko, director of the St. Petersburg financial firm “ARGO- consult”. Vladimir encountered this problem recently by introducing a new structure of their business staffed ” from scratch ” division. And eventually came to the conclusion that it is easier to paint all the rules of communication in the form of instructions and post on the board orders.

tenuous connection

Previously, such rights are called business etiquette and, since Dale Carnegie perceived as a mandatory attribute of any business. And, in general, knew perfectly well why business negotiations should not come in a greasy tie, and during the gala dinner- blow your nose in the tablecloth. Russia, however, in this field has always lagged behind. I remember in 1997 during the visit of the delegation of the Russian Chamber of Commerce in London, one of the fellow bent me over the table and said, ” Look, why do you pudding served, but we do not ? “- ” It’s just- I said.- You knife fish eat dessert, so they decided not to file your sweet… ” Compatriot flushed and pouted, but the evening looked into my room with a notebook and wrote down all the instructions on the use of table devices. Even sketch them not lazy. And the next dinner passed without embarrassment.

In the electronic world record rules are not in a hurry. ” And for good reason- believes Julia Lukashenko.- Very often wrong and unethical communication can become a cause built plucked contracts damaged relations at work and ultimately the fact that the business language is called loss of profits.”

One of the basic principles of communication, in its opinion, states: relationships should be symmetrical. The simplest example is by tradition should call the one who interrupted a phone conversation (for example, was at the meeting personally or by truck). But so far, says the psychologist, such simple rules are not respected, and everything is much sadder.

One of my colleagues, for example, within six months hit me uniformity of communication. Call me on any matter, it patter uttered ” Look, give me a call ” and hung up. And when I finally decided to figure out why every time I need to call back, it turned out extremely simple explanation : ” Well, I do not want to spend money.” Counterpart can not be called infinitely selfish : knowing that I have a ” bezlimitka ” she was sincerely convinced that he is doing is correct. ” You do not care how much talking on the phone,”- she smiled sweetly. The fact that it’s not about the money, just did not occur to her.

” If you are talking on a cell phone with a partner, colleague or contractor, any mention of the fact that you ” on the phone will soon run out of money “or” I have expensive fare “- is just nonsense- said Lukashenko.- There must act ironclad rule : your link- is your only problem.”

Otherwise there can be problems of a different kind. My friend financier Michael K. somehow irritated barked into the phone to a colleague- friend : ” Hey, you know what, call me when obzavedeshsya mobile phone ! ” And when his companion began to object- say, I also have a phone, Michael said : ” Uh, no. You have only machine. A phone you will have when you normally pay it and stop a hundred times a day switched off.”

Another common mistake of telephone communication, psychologists mark- called the move begins a conversation. Mobile phone, unlike stationary accompanies man almost everywhere, including meetings, negotiations, an emergency operation, etc. Therefore preferable to immediately ask the interlocutor, whethe
r it is convenient to him now to discuss any issue. And if it is not, specify how much will be more convenient to call back. ” With this approach, you will find virtually guaranteed to you the most loyal companion- said Lukashenko.- And treat your call will be with much more respect.”

My tongue- my enemy {2

} ” The big problem became not only the norms of communication, but also their language,- says Dmitry Cinar.- come to me and parents who panic from communicating with their children. Sometimes just do not understand the first second. and one of the the main reasons for such a psychological abyss becomes the proverbial ” padonkaff language.” Originating in the depths of the same Internet ” padonkaff language “- the deliberate mangling of words like ” the author is cool ” or ” Pesci ischo ” has become an epidemic. and gradually captures not only the scope of chat rooms and frivolous grafomanskih blogs, but also working correspondence. His hugely popular among young people, Lukashenko believes, due to a very trivial: many obvious and hidden psychological complexes of new generation: ” padonkaff language ” gives you the opportunity to disguise elementary illiteracy and lack of education.

” How- that the training I scolded a young clerk for the use of similar vocabulary and said to use it in communications workers can not under any circumstances- says psychologist.- In response, I heard: ” Julia, what are you doing out of molehills ? ” Pesci ischo “- it’s just a joke, do you really think that I do not know how to spell the word” yet “? A minute later it turned out that the young man was sure that the word ” Pesci ” in this phrase is written correctly… “

of course, former style of business correspondence, every ” informs you, sir… ” irretrievably sunk in the past, psychologists ascertain. But this does not mean that the modern style of the syllable and business communication there are no rules. Specialists in modern business communications celebrate the simplest of them.

First, if you open the ” inbox ” for working correspondence, try to avoid long and awkward names. In particular, it is desirable to eliminate the use of the letters that uniquely perceived by the ear, such as j, g, w, y, c, s. In this case, your recipient will not be annoyed by the need to fill the keyboard complicated gibberish, and you do not have, dictating someone your address, specify : ” It’s not like Russian ” with “this ” s ” as the dollar… ” {2

} Second, properly arrange signature to all your letters. Ideally, it should include your name, your company’s full name, e-mail and phone numbers of those that are designed for business communication.

Third, sending a file attachment to someone, do not be lazy to fill in the section ” Properties ” his passport- at least specify the name of the author of the document, the name of the company and subject. This will facilitate your counterparty identification document if he suddenly lost in a heap of others. “Until the full code ” e ethics ” we are still far, but the first rule is obvious- believes Julia Lukashenko.- And they’re not just a story aesthetes. Observance of rules- is the foundation of any reputation, and reputation in the long run- it’s your money. so, before you decide to ” pesos ischo ” worth thinking about : how much will it cost. ”

Author: Ian ART

Source : Point.ru