Seasonal work : where to earn summer

Newspapers and websites are full employment offers from restaurants and bars, agricultural companies, retail outlets, hotels and resorts. Nevertheless, experts have concluded that the choice of seasonal work in Ukraine is worse today than a year ago. Then Ukraine ready for Euro 2012, across the country were created hundreds of new jobs, and the Ukrainians had a good opportunity to update my personal budget.

But football championship has passed, and with it- and jobs boom. However, if desired, and the presence of a minimum experience of earning decent options can be found.

“Today” to find out where our people now can use their free time and effort. People with no experience can get into the service, catering, sales and agriculture, but first we must be prepared to low salaries. People with experience and with the right skills a little bit easier- they can get more in the same areas. And the most profitable in terms of money today- on cruise liners. However, workers have to work on them without prodyhu.


segment HoReCa (cafes, bars, restaurants) is still the leader in the number of seasonal jobs. Experts weekly ” Proponuyu robot ” argue that recruitment in the industry intensified on the eve of May Day, and by the summer the number of job offers doubled. Usually gaining additional waiters and bartenders cleaners. For students and graduates of culinary colleges have a chance to settle in as a cook. But the position of administrator will take a person with experience in the restaurant business. Remuneration depends on the region and the status of institutions. For example, in the south, where most jobs, the rate is usually low (from 1500 hryvnia). “In addition to the salary the employer provides accommodation and meals, as well as leaving a tip,”- says the coordinator of the Association of regional recruitment agencies Sergei Belyaev. In restaurants premium without experience or connections will not get. Most often there take qualified personnel with the ” crust ” and sanknizhkoy. Although wages and offer appropriate : 3 ths for the cleaner or member server to 6 thousand UAH for an experienced bartender.


The second segment is the grace of seasonal work- the retail industry. It is activated in the summer sale of drinks, ice cream, alcohol and low-alcohol products, as well as all kinds of paraphernalia hot seasons like sunglasses. Jobs can be very different : direct sellers, workers for loading and unloading, promoters and even logistics (if you need to accompany goods from another area). However, salary is not very high (from 100 to 300 USD per night, depending on the work itself and from the employer), and have to work from early morning until late at night, often without days off.

In connection this to such young people willing to take the job (except for logistics). Boys and girls are easier to tolerate the need to sit all day in the sun and make friends easier- potential buyers of the same beer or ice cream. And employers have a secret : the fact that “green” can shortchange employees in wages, “hang” them loss or damage to products. Therefore, when applying for a job or a porter seller should carefully look at the master point, do not delude promises and ultimately make a choice in favor of a more realistic working conditions.

hotel business. In it, compared to last summer, fewer vacancies. ” High demand for housing under the Euro 2012 gone, so many of the private hotels, mini-hotels and hostels either closed or choosing to expand the list of duties of employees, thereby reducing their numbers,”- experts say ” Proponuyu work.” As a result, get the maid administrator or hostess can now only in larger hotels, inns and motels. “Depending on the ” star ” employer may offer specialist position with specialized education and without it, but the additional requirements for a candidate is the knowledge of foreign languages ??”- warns Miller.

According to experts, the most actively recruit attendants in the hospitality industry in regions such as Crimea, Odessa, Nikolaev. There can go and those who seek their calling in leisure activities. However, Belyaev said that we demand for animation is not very high, but there is a possibility to get performer in evening shows. But you need to have what some talent (singing, dancing, surprising unique physical abilities, or at least conjure), have in stock costume and a couple of available rooms. You can capitalize on this $ 200-300 per month, speaking only a few times a week.


In the last year student of Donetsk musical college Yana Morozova found a job on summer in April, sitting leading to a karaoke bar. This spring to find a temporary earnings proved difficult. Bar closed six months after Euro 2012, and new places of seasonal work in Donetsk not increased. As a result of the May girl went to Urzuf (resort village in the Donetsk region) to seek part-time job close to home. Jan lucky to get to the bar leading, but in general for summer jobs were few.

Entertainment and trade this year is experiencing a comparative lull. ” This is primarily due to a decrease in sales volumes, as well as a significant limitation of budgets- sure, the regional manager of the Department for the supply of temporary staff ZEST Outsourcing Catherine Miller.- Compared to last summer, when the main motivator was Euro, sales will fall about 1.5-2. On the other hand, the situation will return to normal, as was the case in 2011. ”


The agricultural sector offers many Ukrainians seasonal jobs as they always have. “There will be demand for field workers, graders, loaders, tractor. It is in these workers have experienced persistent shortages employers- says Miller.- The most favorable regions for this segment specialists will Kherson, Nikolaev, Vinnitsa, Kharkiv regions and Crimea. ” Find jobs can be in local employment centers, Internet portal “Work” in the ” Agriculture ” or an acquaintance.

On average, collecting fruits, vegetables and melons can earn per month 2.5-3 thousand. UAH. This work is tedious, but it is considered unskilled and poorly paid because. Much more can be found on our fields professionals with education and experience- agronomists, growers, gardeners and growers. For example, an agronomist at the salary of 6 ths today want to experience in agriculture from three years old and a perfect knowledge of the agricultural complex. In the future, such a specialist can take a permanent job or agree with him on a regular part-time for the summer under the contract.


Many Ukrainians do not want to spend a physical force for little money in their native fields. In addition, our employees welcome in the agricultural companies in the Middle (Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia) and far (Finland, Norway) countries. There charges are the field workers are no different, but the salary is not in the example above. For example, in Finland on the collection and lingonberry cloudberry can earn from 30 to 100 euros per day. Payment often the piece, depending on how many collected. Accommodation and food cost is not too expensive : one day enough 10-12 euros.

A wide range of job vacancies on foreign cruise ships, experts say ” Proponuyu work.” Voyages industry increasingly develops, and this ” resort on water” requires a lot of hands.

On liners not only take people with special education, but the waiters, bartenders, stewards, photographers, and even sellers in boutiques. Average salary is $ 1.2 thousand per month from $ 600 for working in the category of “Bring- fetch ” to $ 2.5 thousand for the staff who are on duty receives from guests liner tip. The main requirement for all categories of workers- sp
oken English. On some ships as there are age restrictions.

play by the rules. Working on a liner, though attracts romance, but can hardly be considered a dream. ” You can not see the sea and the sun, busy all the time. No one to replace you, because the number of staff is limited, so the cruise we are forbidden to hurt, “- says the ship’s chef Vitaly Romanenko. Such as “heavy” impressions are those who go abroad animator. Today our children in this area are actively recruiting hotels in Turkey and Egypt, which are focused on the Russian-speaking clientele. To get a job is easy. According to Miller, some educational institutions would organize such projects that students have mastered the profession of actors and entertainers.

You can find a university and an agreement with the organizers of the “extra” job, and you can find yourself a job offer. Lily Tsvetkov exactly settled animator in Turkish hotel last summer and says that the working conditions are different from the promises. ” Busy schedule : from 9 am until 3 am with two breaks. Output given no more frequently than once every two weeks- says Lily.- Third, the salary instead of $ 400 was $ 300 plus a percentage of the evening programs, although locals pay much more. Accommodation and food are free, but the contract and work visa, usually do not give. So many guys are working illegally and hide during the inspection. ”


Using the labor of others free of charge- one of the most common offenses not only in Ukraine, but also in the international practice. ” In order to avoid such situations, the Ukrainians in the first place to look for work best with legal employment- says law firm partner TIC Julia Hood.- If the employer refuses to sign the contract, you must record the fact that the execution of (witnesses, a receipt for the money). In the future it will help in court for non-performance data you employer obligations. ”

Also cap gives advice to those who want to work abroad :

1. Employer ‘s best to find at home and conduct preliminary negotiations ;

2. Give preference to those employers who offer work under the contract;

3. If the employer has to contact through an intermediary company, it is necessary to verify the legal status of online intermediary Tax Administration of Ukraine (acting in a state of liquidation, bankruptcy, etc.), as well as a license for brokering activities in employment for work abroad; {2 3} . Be sure to see contact organizations that are involved in the control of labor relations in the country where you are going ;

5. Have to go to work exclusively on a work visa and not a tourist, because you can be in an illegal status with all its consequences (deportation, etc.);

6. Documents should be stored at home and not give them to anyone (they also have to be properly legalized)

7. Upon arrival necessarily need to be registered in the Ukrainian embassy or consulate.

Author: Alina Polishchuk