All works good. In the UK, a list of occupations of the future

futurama– futurists British researchers supported by the Government to explore prospects for the labor market and figured out how to prepare for professions to be those who are only now that I went to elementary school or kindergarten. As a result, there have been 20 promising areas, each of which has the potential to provide hundreds of thousands or even millions of jobs.


expected that scientists will find a way to grow the living part of the body, which will eventually replace the prostheses and artificial organs. This area may eventually turn into an entire industry. In addition to the researchers who will be engaged in the creation of bodies themselves, need doctors who will carry out the necessary operations, psychologists to help patients adapt to new bodies, and designers who make ” body parts ” maximally attractive. In addition, someone will have to take on the marketing and sale of radically new product on the market.


In another area, also associated with human health, require specialists, which compilers list dubbed ” nanomedikami.” It is, first of all, the creation of tiny robots that will not only help doctors treat patients, but also to carry out preventive examinations. Operation of this equipment will become a separate specialty, but because someone else will have to produce it and deliver in the hospital.


Despite the ambiguous attitude of society towards genetically modified foods supply list compilers see them as the future. Cows, which will give a very useful milk, you need not only to withdraw as a species, but also to grow on an industrial scale, and fruits and vegetables that will replace us vaccinations need special care.

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still from the film ” I, Robot ”

In such conditions, life expectancy could increase significantly, and the planet’s population will age a little more. Sales of specialized products for the elderly will rise, and trends in this area will be in demand. Get at least a robotic nurses and other technological devices : need and techniques that will equip them home lonely elderly people, and physicians, who will select the dates for each retiree device settings and, of course, those smiling people who sell robots consumers, make calendar and will give discounts.


The following area described futurologists looks like a plot outline for a fantastic story. In the not so distant future, when the flow of information coming daily to each person to become even more powerful, we need to expand the memory or even record irrelevant memories carriers. Sometimes you want to make it the future is now.


is not surprising that if science will step forward so far, the ethical issues associated with research will be particularly important. Decisions on how scientific areas can be given the “green light ” and which could lead to catastrophic consequences, can not be relegated to the incompetent people and public opinion on this issue too easily manipulated. Thus, according to the British futurologists, the allocation of the new science of ethics in a separate area- question shortly.


Of course, the further exploration of outer space also lead to the emergence of new professions and the creation of many jobs. For example, when space tourism will be put on stream and into space will be sent daily excursions, tourists will want something more than just an inspection earthly surroundings. Space guides will tell them about the stars and planets, and to pilot the ” pleasure ” of ships need more professionals. Well, if you implement a plan of American scientists to create colonies of earthlings on Mars will enter the profession in the fashion space architect.

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Agriculture will change not only towards genetically modified foods but

Квадратная свинья в фильме "Космические дальнобойщики"

a square pig in the movie ” Space Truckers ”

will cease to be the actual ” rural ” : has long been discussed projects ” vertical farms ” in skyscrapers right in the cities. This will put an end to food shortages, as well as help to relieve highway, reducing the transport of food. By the way, the idea of ??an ideal animal breed for such ” vertical farmers ” appeared almost 15 years ago in the movie ” Space Truckers “- square pigs would help optimize the use of limited space.


If you are currently struggling with climate change, hundreds of thousands of people in the future in this area will employ millions. Ambitious projects like covering portions of the ocean floor with a metal layer or set of giant umbrellas not only focus on the fight against climate change, but also on the treatment of these processes reversed. But they all require significant human resources.


According to British futurists, people are not immune from future outbreaks. In the case of the spread of a deadly virus will require not only doctors and nurses, but also the armed forces who will guard the quarantined city, to prevent leakage of infection beyond. However, hard to believe that someone with childhood dreams of such work.


Do not forget the futurists and that so interested Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov- control the weather, and in particular rainfall. However, in this year, the city authorities have postponed the promised experiment snowless winter (and the result of this decision Muscovites watch on the streets), but in the future will be to adjust the weather in all populated areas. Questions about where a particular cloud Raining down, experts will decide. Moscow has all chances to become a pioneer in this area, if the municipality did return to his idea.


Big impact on the daily life of the future and will then that more and more transactions are carried out via the Internet. Often in countries where there are participants of transactions, different laws, and sometimes in conflict situations they need the help of several lawyers. Perhaps the current law faculties worth now prepare universal lawyers who also have to deal with all the questions online.


Where there is virtual lawyers, may appear and virtual teachers. Here hidden opportunities : for example, can make education more individual, and teachers- impartial. However, in order to ensure compatibility of the virtual teacher with student, require thoughtful work of psychologists.


Кадр из фильма "Пятый элемент"

Still from the film “The Fifth element “

Another way to relieve the road- the development of submarine and air transport. Flying cars once feature
d in every other science-fiction book about the XXI century, and after a couple of decades, they can still become a reality. There are a lot of work : new traffic rules, traffic police and underwater, and additional categories of driving license. And without that researchers have to create that for the automotive example, vehicles with zero impact on the environment.


The process of individualisation will affect not only school lessons, but also news programs. Most of the content corresponding to the personal interests of individual users will be selected automatically, but will not do without human intervention. Thus, in the future everyone will be able to count on the personal TV channel and radio station, accessible from anywhere in the world that will broadcast only what is interesting to him.


need for other sphere of activity, frankly, overdue now. The amount of information about each user increases regularly, and supporters of various conspiracy theories are sure that someone keeps track our every move. If there was an opportunity to publicly available guaranteed to get rid of pieces of information about yourself, it would be relevant. And, of course, would be a profitable business.


However, the abundance of personal information, there is another aspect. Often we just do not have time to follow all the events that affect us, and filter out the desired letter and mailing of spam (and this is not fully cope existing services). A password and account each so that their storage is an independent task. Of course, we are not talking about people who will remember our passwords and manually disassemble our mail, but about creating and maintaining a highly secure service, you can be trusted with this occupation.

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} another field of activity is associated with a prospect to make time independent currency : with exchanges and markets that will enable exchange it for something else. However, it is not clear exactly whose time mean futurologists and how to change it, for example, oil or wood, but I promise that this area will grow by leaps and pace.

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The researchers predict a further penetration of social networks in all areas of our

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of life. And now experts are worried about their negative impact on our psyche and interpersonal relationships (for example, every fifth divorce in the UK appeared somehow linked to Facebook). Helping victims of social networking will be the same social workers. Be expected to produce specialized ” hotlines “: ” If a stranger leave angry comments on your photo, press 1… ”


Finally, the last area also associated with social networks and blogs. In the near future there will be experts who will help make your weblogs, microblogging, social networking profiles and forums fully consistent image that you would like to create. Currently, the services of such professionals may use only stars, politicians and top managers, but very soon they will be available to each high school student.

Professions future in describing British futurists may appear suddenly, but the government took them over seriously. Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the country’s economy and labor market participants must be willing to change, and the Minister of Science and Innovation Paul Drayson added that the deal with all these fantastic things necessary to those who are now studying in schools. Well, some of these occupations are not devoid of romance- children to be envied.

Author : Julia Savickaya

Source: to Lenta.Ru