On the Internet you can earn $ 400 a month

net3 Internet has penetrated almost every area of ??our lives- it communicate, buy and sell, watch movies and listen to music. But in a global web, you can also work and earn quite good money for virtual work.

Online rivers flow of money- it is estimated, revenue from online business last year amounted to more than 700 billion. dollars. It turns out that a small stream of such a flow, and can be sent to him- many of our compatriots have “walk” to the network as a job, preferring to work for themselves at the right time, without offices and superiors. As shown by their practice to earn a few months can be about $ 400. Also attracts many that do not need to start absolutely no investment funds, and to work you will need a minimum of “tools”- just a computer with a good internet connection and free time.

Particularly relevant such earnings may be during crisis, when in reality there is no work or it has become much smaller. “Today” learned what the internet pay money, how much and what to do to get a cohort of virtual workers.


For those who know how to write fluently and who is interested in the network and has a podrabotok. Texts on a variety of topics (from landscaping to martial arts and hunting and fishing) buy, for example, the site www.textsale.ru. Per thousand characters there earn a half to three dollars. ” As I am a lawyer, and now in the decree, so I read a lot of literature about the child’s upbringing. Accumulated a lot of knowledge on these issues, here are the first material I wrote- how to teach a child to potty. It would seem that those who buy such a text ? And she did not expect, and it took a half a dollar per thousand characters in three days! “- Says one of the authors website Elvira, get money to your account.

You can write about anything really, and for this purpose, evidently do not need to be a certified specialist in this field. Many people write about their observations and experiences while traveling, share culinary secrets advise on love and relationships or advise in the sphere in which they operate professionally. You can write texts and for the order- it can be placed on the site in your e-mail address and the areas in which you write.

to sell advertising on your page

On the day created about a million blogs (diaries). Many bloggers make good on this. The first way- to write articles about certain services or products and place them in their own page, with the proviso that it is quite popular. On this you can earn about $ 10 per 1000 characters. Can be placed in his diary and advertisements. Blogger receives compensation for referrals to its website for your ads. Earn as offering search engines Google, Yandex and others. However, how many earn this- known bloggers are not recognized.

Create your blog or personal page on the Internet is free. Blogging can select sites www.livejournal.com, www.wordpress.com, www.blogosphere.com.ua. We must draw on your page more visitors- it is desirable to write on a topic that may be of interest to many users (fashion, diet, sports, traveling). When you regularly will go a large number of users, you can proceed to step selling advertising spaces on the page.

Another popular way to make a blog-… collect donations. ” Since I am writing a very useful articles that you read, please thank me for such a number of my online purse “- a label can often be seen on blogs and personal pages on the network. But it works until we have bad…

According to experts, the most lucrative form of income- your website. Here are the same ways- advertising, custom text, but prices are higher than on blogs. Get instructions on how to make, you can, for example, at http://www.tak.ru.

you just need to fill questionnaires

In the Internet even willing to pay money for your opinion ! Kyivlyanyn Drozdik Dmitry says that once his email of spam-sending a letter came from the company “Online Monitor ยป (http://www.onlinemonitor.ru), who offered to take part in the online survey and earn 30 cents. ” Went to their website, the company seemed solid- their data out there do not have to leave, and pay too ask for nothing- so it ‘s not like cheating. In a survey of 20 questions about home appliances- appliances which items you have at home, as long ago bought and so on. Of personal information- gender and age. Get your money in two ways- specify the number of its online wallet or mobile phone. I have the second, I have come at the expense of money in a couple of days. ” According to him, he participated in five such surveys and earned about Rs 15. Size ” salary “- from 25 cents to $ 3. “If his goal so constantly earn it would check on several such sites. I think a month would quietly oncoming 300 hryvnia “,- says Dmitry.

You can take part in the performance of tasks. To register for a specific site (eg, www.wmzona.com or www.vipmails.ru) and receive your e-mail job. For example, go to the links and fill out the questionnaire. ” Each registration first takes 5-10 minutes. Then had occasion to automaticity “- says Metropolitan student Katerina Mygal. Owners of sites is beneficial, because their attendance pages grows, so grows the price of advertising space, which they sell.

” SURFERS ” AND ” postmen ” CAN in just a couple minutes to get a couple of dollars

The most popular way to earn- work ” surfer ” or ” mailer.” There are lots of companies who need to promote their products or services for which they are hired and special firms. Companies need to make a website which contains information about the product or service, seeing as much as possible users. For this they are paid. Companies do not require any personal information and do not ask you to pay a fee. We tried for 20 minutes and (10 2 days) earned as much as $ 2 ! The amount is not so hot, but effort- virtually none. Way to ” surf ” is that you get paid for what you are walking on the links.

Hado have email. Hado to create an online wallet, where you will receive money. This can be done on such online banking systems like E-Gold and WebMoney (http://www.e-gold.com and http://www.webmoney.ru), clicking there on ” Free registration ” or ” Sign up “. The money you receive can be transferred to your real bank account or exchanged for cash in one of the special exchange points (addresses are on the site. Kyiv, such more than 10). My checked on performancebux.com. Specify the address box, the number of Internet-purse, country, city, gender, age and invented username. After registration, we received a letter of confirmation of registration and you can start to click on the links on the site. For this you will earn. Work and bookable on Russian. People called and http://www.hotrusclick.com http://wmmail.ru.

Every company has its own peculiarities work, which can be read on their sites. Common is that the money can be withdrawn, earning minimum (usually $ 2). Not worth trying to cheat the company- you calculate and close the access to the site. The most common ways of cheating are opening two or more accounts on the site of the same company. Calculated simple if you use accounts from the same computer. Also, do not click on the two links at the same time (for example, until after 25 seconds on one, click another couple)- for such transitions will not enroll you money.

{9 to change a file}

Make Money Online can be sitting on the forums and posting the files on the network. Earnings on the files is that you upload a file (for example, video, song or movie) on a particular site- sharing (eg http://upload.com.ua) an
d begin to ” unwind ” it, that is to post links on this file at various forums. If anyone is interested your file and downloads it- you get the money.

” The more links will throw in the gallery- the more money you get. You can promote anything. For example, start with the fact that the load on the site- sharing movies and music that you have on your computer at home or at work. Then throw links to these movies or music on forums that discuss movies, music “- advises dentist Andrew Frost, who is engaged in the files for several months. You can register, for example, the site http://depositfiles.com/ru.

In the network even pay for your communication on the forums ! Per message or theme created pay 0.1-1 cent. Plus you can leave messages in links to your site or blog, as well as file sharing, where are your movies or music. You can start with registration, for example, the site http://forum-wmpochta.ru.


You can make money and games, including gambling- there are lots of sites with casino, poker and roulette. “Last year I earned 7000 dollars. However, I am a real fan of poker and playing very well. If you are a player so so- try, but do not get involved, so as not to lose too much “- advises kievlyanin Sergei Kravets. According to him, it is necessary to open your online wallet to receive winnings or pay losses. ” He brought to the site colleague, earned $ 50. Bids can be done for $ 1. Contingent, as a rule, unprofessional, so that such an inexperienced player like me, earns 50 dollars a month, “- says the manager of a large mobile phone company Vladimir Stritenko. Try your hand at the following websites www.ru.888.com or www.online-casino.com. Is there and the game easier- for example, “Eagle- tails “, ” Guessing numbers” etc.

There is the internet and much-loved game ” O Lucky Man “, where you have to give answers to questions. Minimum bid- $ 0.5. Stop at any time, as soon as the question seems difficult. You can try, for example, here : http://amgame.net.


Some people on the Internet and earn fabulous money made ??history once again proving- the main thing in this area is novel idea.

History of Canadian Kyle MacDonald, who on the internet has changed a paperclip to… own house, spread throughout the world. The site www.craigslist.org he wrote that changes simple red paper clip for something. Two friends sent him for a normal pen clip in the form of fish, which was found. Handle like a familiar artist Kyle, and she gave her a homemade clay for the handle of the door. And it found demand- familiar Kyle, who moved to another city, for it gave him an extra portable tile. Kyle traded on the tile generator. It- the neon sign ” Budweiser ” and familiar disc jockey changed it to the old snowmobile.

The original blog noticed journalists and Kyle wrote the local press. In an interview he stated that he would like to change on a snowmobile trip in a Canadian mountain resort Yak. One of the magazines snowmobile makes his dream and bought him a ticket. Kyle changed that for a used truck, it- a contract with a recording studio, which he sold for canary right to live in her apartment a year.

But that changed Kyle ! For one evening communicating with famous rock musician Alice Cooper, and the opportunity it has changed a ball filled with water. He gave his Hollywood director- collector in return for his role in the film, which he sold for a house in the Canadian city of Kipling. Rights to the story of Kyle purchase already in Hollywood.

Briton Alex Tew earned money to go to university, creating a website and there selling ad space at a price of $ 1 per pixel. About Alex told his friends. A few days later the first 40 pixels bought one of the music sites and on page Alex know more people. A month later, Tew earned more than 152 thousand dollars, and the last 1000 pixels it has already left the site of the famous online auction site eBay for 40 thousand dollars.

44-year-old Australian Ian Usher after divorcing his wife decided to start a new life and exposed on Internet auction site eBay life. By Asher life meant all his property, place of work, contact all your friends. It turns out that even at such a strange item has a buyer ! “Life,” bought for 380 thousand dollars. Asher left myself only a passport and the clothes he was wearing and taking money left to travel.

does not help “Africans ” and watching a black list of sites that deceive ” guest workers ”

In the Internet money can not only make money, but to lose. The most popular methods of fraud, which can be caught newcomers are as old as the world. Once you register your online wallet, you will begin receiving letters with requests to transfer certain money purses. Technology about the same as that of the ordinary beggars on the street- his mother died when the son ‘s death robbed racketeers send even one cent on such a bill.

There are also original letters, which at one time came for many users. One of them was written by a girl, allegedly from some obscure African country, which told me that there was a coup, her father- dictator was killed, and 10 million dollars to his credit in the U.S. are locked. ” To unlock the account, I need to total 100 thousand dollars. Give at least a few cents, and I’ll give you the money when I take them in the bank “,- stated in the letter.

Sometimes real crooks engaged in racketeering- write that you have sent them a couple of dollars on their account, and if you do not, then threatened to write to the site administrator that you are sending spam from your mail, and you will close. In this case, experienced advise immediately write a letter to the administrator to copy the text of which is a threat letter that you received.

Also, do not search the Web for freebies- there is usually only possible to lose money. Therefore, to buy into any supertotalizatory, deposits at high interest rates, magic wallets better not.

If you decide to try to make playing online gambling- please note that there are many internet nerds who painted on their pages, how to cheat casinos on the net. On some sites, gambling people to link to which you come, get about 10 % of the amount of your loss. Therefore bought on tips not worth it.

It happens that deceive themselves and sites that promise to pay money. ” Sometimes I just do not pay or pay less than you earn. Also you can be charged in a fraud and terminate your access to the site, even if you did not commit anything. But the Internet has its own blacklist of unreliable firms. So before register, the forums are like online ” guest workers ” and their weight. There will learn which sites pay securely, and which often deceive “- advises Kharkov Yuri Krinchuk who earns about $ 100 a month as a” surfer “and” mailer. ” Look at the pretty impressive black list, for example, the site http://www.wmjob.net/dark.html.

{9 Tips experienced}

Experienced network ” zarobitchane “advise :

1. Start small. For example, without giving up your day job to try to earn a few tens of dollars per month. Such a nice addition to the salary and motivates will please continue.

2. Do not rely directly on the big money. According to experienced, the size of your income in the network will grow as you get used to.

3. To get a tangible return- Submitting to multiple systems, and even better- all at once. For example, you can engage in ” surfing “, to be ” postmen ” and make the forums and file sharing services. The more work- more money.

4. The main advice for people who suffer from gambling (can not stop)- Do not try to earn on gambling.

Author: Svetlana Tuchinskaya

Source: Today