Absurd expenditure budget of Moscow-2009

moscow_mono-rail Officials finally decided : the crisis- this time to spend. Therefore, in 2009 we missed half of the Reserve Fund. March 16 Premier Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which 1.6 trillion. rubles. from stored in this fund 4.8 trillion. rubles. go to plugging the budget hole. Obviously, until stocks run out of gold, power, and will not think to compress waste. And in vain, if desired, in the federal and regional budget in any easily detect a huge margin. Officials spend huge sums of money to no avail.

Therefore, given the current situation, “AN ” decided to start a series of articles. We have studied the budgets of the largest Russian regions. They found there a tremendous amount of strange and sometimes simply absurd spending.

Vera officials

As for the ridiculous spending of the federal center, then go far for examples is not necessary. Just a few days ago from the high offices to our sinful earth sporhnul stunning decree signed by President Medvedev. Authorities have not invented anything better than to invest 691 million rubles. of the state budget… ” program to improve public confidence in the officials.”

What can I say- more pressing task now you can imagine. For example, if this modest sum was divided among 1.8 million people are currently registered on the Russian labor exchanges- would come out a little help. And then believed in official- and immediately repair their lives.

at the federal level these ” quirks ” not so much. Yet cost control in the center hard. But, if you look at the regional budgets, easy to detect mildly, puzzling waste. Debriefing logical to start with Moscow. After all, the First Throne got most all- it accounts for one sixth of all state-owned country’s spending. At the same time, even in the fat years metropolis budget was in deficit. Although no one could do this. For example, in the capital this year, officials want to collect 1.39 trillion. rubles., and spend- 1460000000000. rubles. So, where do these go untold money ?

The first thing worth noting- the money in the capital traditionally flow like water. It seems that even the ocean. For example, the city is building the most expensive street in the world. Summer Moscow held a contest, where it proposed to pay for the construction of a 4- km section of the Fourth Ring Road 68 billion rubles. Simply put : the officials took away $ 700 million per kilometer of track. For reference, the average cost of the German autobahns- 1 million euros per kilometer. According to the ” Academy ” in the eastern states of Germany the maximum (limit) price 1 km highway- 2.5 million euros in the western lands- 6 million euros. This amount includes the compensation for expropriated land for construction. In addition, unlike our roads in the German lay still and very expensive coating of polymer bitumen, which does not wear out for 12 years. In general, anyway, and Moscow route flown almost 100 times more expensive…

The second thing you notice- blatant absurdity names of several articles of the capital budget. The first thing we have- the youth. Therefore, ” The achievement of young people equal opportunities ” treasury of the city in 2009 is going to uhnut measly 261 million rubles. The question is: why not give money at the same time, for example, “building communism” ? Or ” world peace ?”

It is clear that with such and such spending in the metropolitan center of some solid circle equal opportunities. By the way, at the same time the younger generation also provided some mysterious ” Protecting youth from destructive influences and negative manifestations.” It is difficult to say what exactly had in mind. Maybe services of psychics ? Be that as it may, the issue price- some 122.8 million rubles.

of protection? It’s time to educate. Of course, are not free. Therefore, ” the complex target medium-term program ” Patriotic education of the youth of Moscow for 2007-2009. “The city has allocated 143 million rubles. Of course, love for the country- a good thing. But not when it imposed for the money.

Well and detail. What sense would invest 40 million rubles. to ” promote energy efficiency ?” The only evident result shares- city uvesili gnarled posters mocking appeal: ” It is advisable to expend energy.” Slang bureaucracy in Moscow even infiltrated ad! Clearly, it would be far more sense if those 40 million citizens simply distributed energy saving light bulbs.

But the show-off, of course, important. What to say, even if on paper with striking entitled ” Promotion of immovable cultural heritage” hanging price tag- 64 million rubles. Imagine all the deep meaning of these expenses ? And also their bottom line ?

Who- on board ?

It is understandable why, looking at some of the articles of the capital budget, think about whether it is time to spend a psychiatric examination of its developers ? Take at least the capital construction of the monorail- he was useless toy. System copied from the Swiss ” Intamina.” And this- the cheapest in the world monorail. The fact that it is designed for amusement parks- carry small groups of children. So download the entire structure of the monorail at less than one subway car. Experts were shocked to learn that this “kindergarten” (cost 6.3 billion rubles.) Deployed in the capital on the transport system of the metropolis. And of course, while the Swiss project costing $ 7 million for 1 km of motorway, then Moscow could not fly into the $ 40 million- all in the same kilometer.

And now the most exciting fact. The ill-fated monorail in Moscow is not popular, so- unprofitable. A sum of annual subsidies from the city on its content is… 908 million rubles! Once again, almost- billion. In terms of number of passengers get… 238 rubles. per trip (official ridership- 3.8 million per year). Monorail gets so much of the city’s budget for the fact that someone will pass on it once. And the length of the route- just five kilometers. So instead of a monorail city obviously it would be cheaper to transport people free taxi.

Another example of unprecedented construction inefficiencies- “Income for preservation and storage of tunnel boring mechanized complex.” What an ? This German tunneling shield ” Herrenknecht ” diameter 14.5 meters. At one time the city bought it for around 100 million dollars. Machine used in the construction of tunnels, but the trouble is- now the machine was out of work.

The problem is that the new design line in the capital four lanes wide and more. And this mechanism can dig dorogushchy only three bands, and even one turns narrowed. That shield- as unnecessary- and went on to joke. And here and someone managed to dig up a considerable amount. The cost of conservation ” Herrenknecht ” was 29.5 million rubles. Not for nothing, apparently, Mr. Luzhkov wants to send him to the digging of tunnels for water diversion of Siberian rivers to Central Asia.

I must say that we have listed only a very small part of suspicious and ridiculous expenses… For example, do not mentioned more than 1 billion rubles., that the city spends on… “free dentures.” And so on.

Here and guess nothing. Margin for savings in Moscow budget- huge. To begin with the construction of roads… And as is the case in other regions ? About it- in a forthcoming publication.

The court media

And finally, the most absurd item of expenditure in Moscow. Many people think that “Gazprom”- the biggest media sponsor. This is a mistake. Pervoprestolnoj government spends on these goals much more. In fact, it created its own media empire. However, virtually all its member publications completely on hearing the townspeople. Some of them- well if at least someone saw. But spending on them- upload.

So, mysterious newspaper “Moscow Wednesday ” derives from the budget of the city of 82 million rubles. per year. I must say, this is more than the annual budget of this country’s largest newspaper, as ” Arguments of the week.” The number of readers that each room- 879 thousand people.

Average live and other metropolitan publications. A little-known newspaper “Muscovite” around the city in 62.7 million rubles. Some of CJSC “Joint Editorial ” Municipal-press ” receives an annual budget of 42 million rubles in Moscow. Subsidies newspaper “Housing row”- 52 million rubles. But the first prize in the ranking- the newspaper… ” Pioneer truth.” It turns out that she is coming out! Who would know that the treasury of the city spends on this relic 7.7 million rubles. per year.

The funny thing- the contents court press is under ” subsidies on production and distribution of socially-oriented periodicals.” List all recipients can be long. Here are the overall figures.

So, the whole of all the printed press Moscow’s budget for the year is spending 850 million rubles. And yet- subsidies television and radio. Different, is not profitable and purely social channels type TV-Center (specifically in 2009, he will receive from the city 3.6 billion rubles. Subsidies plus 591 million rubles. “In order to re technical basis “). This is 6.9 billion rubles. A total of 7,750 billion rubles obtained.

So, alone subsidies press Moscow spends an amount exceeding the entire total budget of some other regions.

Source : Informacia.ru