Online Gambling in Spain went on the decline

In Spain gambling market has not the right time. In view of the high taxes on gambling in this country, all gaming operators profit fell by 10 % over the past three months- now it is 55.4 million euros. Analysts gambling cause a similar crisis in the area of gambling in Spain lies in the high taxes- annually casino loses 72.5 million euros in taxes. Naturally, this is not the only reason, but one of the most serious.

Many foreign online gambling operators to disown this country because of lack of competitiveness, and Spanish visitors casino gaming more local players. Among the tourists casinos are not in great demand. One of the known network Ongame, which in this market has been running for a long time, left this unprofitable market for the reason that makes no sense to include a casino in Spain because of its profitability is not- it is clear that the work in minus nobody wants. But we can not say that Ongame basically not able to create profitable casino.

more than six months ago, another gaming operator in the gambling Paf abandoned Spanish gambling market. However, all these ” deserters ” just might help and the only gaming operator to collect the Spanish audience in their casinos. We are talking about the famous poker site Pokerstars, which is currently the only company that provides access to the territory of Spain to the Spanish online casino players. On average, the number of cache users varies in 1500 that part of the market very well.

network gaming market in Spain is still quite young, just a year online operators provide access and online gambling Spanish residents. And now the monthly growth rates of players go into minus. Thus, in the first quarter of this year the figure has fallen markedly against the last quarter of last year. If we talk about the clientele in the first months of the opening of the gaming industry in Spain, the number of new players surpasses 110,000 people. At the moment, the number of registered players in the online casino within the Spanish territory is about 1.16 million people.

The total income of all gaming casino on money fell by 0.7 percent compared to last year, which is approximately 1, 37 billion euros. Now the total revenue is about 61 million euros. Bring big profits betting on sports- the income from them to the treasury of Spain is about 34- percent of the total money turnover, and literally half net profit operators. Revenues from online casino is only 13.8 percent. And it’s all based on the fact that only in the last year has been issued around the 53 licenses to operators of gambling. And most of them are now suffering losses, and only a few gaming companies can talk about the positive trend in the Spanish gambling market.

The big operators are suffering losses not only due to high taxes as the main part of the money game companies spend on advertising, because not as many clients, operators must literally fight in the advertising field for each client.

All these facts affected the value of the shares of companies that carry out gambling in European countries, such as Spain, Italy and Germany. Perhaps these factors support the seedy gambling market in these countries, particularly in Spain. Recently, shares of companies such as Playtech, 888Holdings, Paddy Power, Landbrokes Net Entertainment, William Hill and 32Red, showed growth dynamics. The leader of this ” hit parade” is a casino game 888- their shares rose in price by 500%. Second place is awarded to the company Playtech, whose shares have doubled. The remaining outsiders, against the above favorites, increased the value of their shares by 50-80 per cent, which, however, also bad.

Profit gaming company 888 Holdings increased by 7 %, Landbrokes- 6%, and Paddy Power managed to increase profits by 22 percent, which enabled them to compete with such giants of online gambling, as William Hill. Experts of the industry argue that investors should focus on the gaming companies that have recently shown positive growth of profits.

Returning to the news from sunny Spain, it is worth recalling the project Eurovegas, who are now actively engaged in kazinoshny tycoon Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas in America. He is close to that to minimize the project for one simple reason- a ban on indoor smoking. Billionaire insists to cancel the ban, and that future visitors can casino was allowed to smoke in the room, not leaving on a specially designated for this place.

However, despite the fact that the construction and Eurovegas- can significantly raise the country’s economy, Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain, to make concessions is going. Recall that the project was planned to develop due to the fact that Spain had a good chance to become the capital of the Olympic Games in 2020. Now this opportunity is gone forever from the Spanish side- as you know, the Olympic capital in 2020 was appointed Tokyo. Because of this, analysts say that Sheldon has guaranteed its construction will take Evrovegasa to another location, at least in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.