Bartenders, waiters and counselors. Whom young people can earn some money this summer

For some summer- during holidays and recreation, but for young people is the best time to earn money. “Today, ” found out what jobs can expect students and pupils, not to leave the city, which are waiting for conditions of work and how much they can earn. Ideal option for students job search- these are sites that specialize in employment. While the option ” an acquaintance ” has not been canceled, too.

The choice of works for students and senior wide enough : the waiters at summer venues cafes and restaurants, bartenders, entertainers, educators and counselors in camps sellers of soft drinks and ice cream, beer and kvass caster and even artists body art. Earnings very different, but a lot of enthusiasm can get a very decent amount,- writes today.

According to the lawyer Yuri Androshchuk, minors in our country can work with for 16 years. 15-year-olds can also get a job, but only with the written consent of parents or guardians. We must be prepared for the fact that most workers need to be puzzled summer clearance sanknizhki.

Painters body art

If you draw well, you can get a street artist body art. This does not necessarily finishing art school, just talent. These craftsmen usually work in the central streets of cities, often on weekends. Artists applied to the body of the customer henna (which lasts at least two weeks) or akvagrim. The work is interesting and creative. Interviews on specific requirements for experience applicants do not show, but ask for a trial assignment- to draw a picture or pattern colors on paper. ” Work schedule of our employees is 5-6 days a week and 14 to 22 hours. Weekends are always working, because they pay cash. Street artists body art get an average of 120-170 USD per day depending on revenue. Can be arranged as a youth over 18 years, and high school- of course with the permission of their parents, “- said the director of a company engaged in body art, Alexander Malinov.

Workplace street artist consists of a table, chairs and umbrella. Need more henna, paint brush set and albums with samples of drawings of animals, Chinese characters, patterns, etc., any of which can be selected for application to the body.

” I’ll End school, I have to move out from the hostel and rent an apartment and money for it is not enough. Therefore urgently needed a job. This was the first caught my eye on the internet. At the interview, offered to paint flowers. It is easy to get at me, because I’m a designer by training. Tried to run for a few days- and I liked it. This is not only a way to earn money but also a great opportunity to try something new and interesting. What I just did not draw ! And akvagrim bright kiddies inflicted, and the girl is completely hands painted with henna. I once had a client who asked to put on all his big back a huge snake.

The only cons of this work- to sit outdoors in the intense heat and always scores under his fingernails black henna. Last has to carefully wash out the brush and soap. And if that fails, then just put on a bright opaque nail lacquers, “- says the 24- year-old student Elena Konovalets.

Bartenders : 100-150 UAH per day

Among summer urban professions have not exhausting- for example, the bartender mobile mini- bar. These bars are often located on the quays. Afternoon they sell fresh juices and non-alcoholic cocktails, and after 18 pm are added to its range mojitos and whiskey. Working day lasts from 12:00 to 22:00. Bartenders usually work in pairs with the schedule, ” week after week ” or ” four days after four.”

For this work experience is not required, there is a chance to find a job even in high school 16. “Yes, in principle, and student can take if it will work in good faith. If you need help with registration and sanknizhki. Issue a paycheck once a week after the holidays,- explained the owner of several mini- bars in the capital Anton VERP.- Also, the employee may agree on payment of money each day after the working day. ” Salary bartender- 100-150 USD per day.

caster beer and kvass : sell 5-6 barrels per day

Experience for such work is required. The only thing that should be able caster, so it is good to consider and be careful. Can deal with even a high school student. Anyway young age applicants employers rarely scary.

As a general rule, schedule sellers of beer and kvass- week after week, from 9 to 20 hours. Employee is under the umbrella on the street all day, but even an umbrella can not protect him from the scorching sun during the hottest days.

to pay for such work UAH 100-120 per day. But it happens that fixed rates have no employees- they get 8-10 % of revenues. In this case, the chances of good earnings increase if the business is situated in a public place- here the number of buyers wanting to wet his throat beer or kvass is very large.

“I- a student of the Law Faculty. Settle into a normal company majoring without personal acquaintances and even in the absence of higher education I have not succeeded. Then I began to look for part time, which does not require experience. Found an ad on the Internet. Settled here without problems. Work on schedule “two in two weeks ” from 7 am to 7 pm. Hard, of course. Also I get a percentage rate of sales. Most days bread- hot : do you sell to 5-6 pyatidesyatilitrovyh drums “- said 24-year-old Marina Ponomareva, dealer kvass.

According to some caster beer and kvass, they can earn ” money left ” underfilling drink. Thus the number of glasses sold increases and money nedolitoe customer can put in his pocket.

Waiters : big earnings

Perhaps the greatest choice of proposals now on vacancies waiter. This is understandable, because hundreds of metropolitan and suburban restaurants opened their summer grounds, which means that they urgently need workers. Quite often take the job and those who have very little experience or who do not have th.

“Everything depends on the person. Often comes with a bit of experience, but can not cope with the volume of work or can not quickly learn the menu or just a conflict in communication. In order to find this out, and enough three days of work. But newcomers are struggling to impress and work hard, quickly going into the working moments. Of course, we leave work, “- says the chief manager of one of the Italian restaurants in the center of Kiev Andrei Galitsky.

Seasons waiters in most cases do not make out officially, although the largest and best known establishments student can take a job in employment contract. Bid workers summer playgrounds small- 1-2 ths. But they may receive from 2 to 4% of their orders. Of course, do not forget about the tip. Their size depends on the level and the popularity of the restaurant or cafe, as well as the dash of the places where they are located. On an average day the waiter gets 200-400 UAH tip. In the same month salary is 5-8 thousand UAH, but there are among them, and the lucky ones who manage to earn 10-12 thousand

After the waiters in shifts. Typically, this 3 3 or 4 for 4 days. That is how many days you work so much and resting. More often than not have to work 12 hours a day. Virtually all catering for employment require medknizhku issue.

“I finished the railway technical, but work on a specialty not found, and then talked about the familiar hour coffee shop in the center of Kiev, which requires waiters. Went a little practice and became permanently work on a summer area. Am working in shifts 12 hours a day, get 35 USD per day. It is a little, but I make a decent tip, “- shared 21-year-old Bogdan Kowalski.

The advantage of working as a waiter- free food in the kitchen places. And if the restaurant is out of town, the employer incurs razvozki staff- for exampl
e, from the metro station to the country establishment.

Entertainment and counselors : working with children

{3 If you love children} and easily find common language with them, then this job is for you. Such vacancies employers are looking for guys and girls over 18 years old, responsible, energetic, creative and persistent nerves. Very often requires experience. But his absence- no penalty if a person really wants to work in this field, some employers may offer him to be tested. “We invite the person for a few hours in the camp. Watching him for the way he communicates with the children as he can inspire them and control their behavior. If a student pass this express checkout, we will take it to work “,- explained the owner of a private camp near Kiev Yulia Morzeeva.

Youth animators can work or counselors. We must know that the animators not only entertain the children, but also serve as an educator, and sometimes teachers. In urban summer camp children aged 4-12 years, parents bring every day, so they are not sitting at home on vacation. Regular work schedule here : Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 19:00 at the weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Animator can go home every day.

But in suburban camp counselor during the shift (two to three weeks) does not belong. He must live in the workplace and do not leave it unless absolutely necessary. Counselor full-time (8 and 22) must be with children 6-16 years old, to organize their leisure time, look after them, to resolve conflicts between pupils and monitor their safety.

And counselors and animators should allow yourself to cry and raise your hand to children, mothers or to drink alcohol in their presence. For this you can immediately get the ax. But smoking counselor and animators do not forbid- only, of course, not often, and not in the presence of charges.

Almost all animation style and counselors to work under an employment contract. Availability of medical book necessarily. Animator in private urban and suburban camps gets 100 UAH per day (it turns out that twenty working days in a month he will earn Rs 2000) plus free meals and trips to museums together with pupils. Counselors in the camps for two weeks change can earn Rs 1100 plus free food, accommodation and tours.

In the same state camps and recreation centers, where the animation is usually not (this role counselors), three weeks change workers receive 1200 UAH.

Sellers ice cream and drinks

to master in this case can be a half day- special knowledge and skills would be required. The workplace is usually a constant outlet with a cart or a refrigerator in which to store ice cream. And it may be in the package, and in bulk. In the load to main product may be accompanied by juices and soft drinks. Sun umbrella protects only the seller.

is also possible for a mobile hotspot : bike with a fridge, except where there is ice cream and beverages. The advantage of the seller on a bicycle in that it can move in search of crowded places, increasing their vytorg. And at any moment it may hide in the shadows, while the implementer usual ice cream and drinks with a trolley and a refrigerator tied to one outlet and is constantly in the sun.

Schedule of sellers- week after week, or three days three, 10 and 21:00. Iceman salary issue at the end of each shift. Typically, salary is Rs 100-120 per day plus 3-5 % of daily vytorga.

Author: Eugene Pavlyukova