Rowdy colleagues : how not chafe those obstructing work

Each working team necessarily usual employee who straining air frustrating working atmosphere, annoying sitting beside his behavior- in a word, indirectly interfere with other work.

“Today” identified the seven most common types and learn from experts how to learn with them peacefully to work side-by-side, or at least try to neutralize their harmful effects on workers. Our experts have become psychologists Olga and Tatiana Stashuk Mikheenko.

Pronia Prokopivna

When God was handing tact and taste, some clearly queued for rags. Not all of them even drop perepala showy appearance, but for some reason they themselves imagine daughters of Aphrodite and Delon. Hence the style of behavior. Such beauty personal life from work are not separated. Uniforms- mini and cleavage outfits- transparent, shiny and brindle leopard paint, perfume- aggressive, with a long train. Working day- one big flirt. If the star is not office deafening roars in the smoking room, it was much discussion of yesterday’s date on the phone so they can hear janitors, paints her nails, the tip of the mirror. Even if the job with the responsibilities, colleagues still easy: beauty shine too much.

Council of Psychologists. These women consciously build relationships through deliberate demonstration of their sexuality, as they are very important to have filled with personal life. Unfortunately, the labor field does not imply anything like this, and the need remains, says Olga Stashuk. “The share of friendly attention will calm her, but all the time she had to go on about the means to allow her to blossom in their inclinations,”- says the psychologist. Perfect weapon- the dress code, recalls Tatiana Mikheenko, and then stop the outrageous fashions annoying colleagues. ” Their goal- to attract attention, but if you do not give recharge, not to listen to tales of the cavalry and the like, the role of these stars significantly underplayed. And this should be done in an organized, all office, “- says the psychologist.

{7 Shura}

She comes to work mostly not fulfill their direct duties, and to make friends, get news and share them and participate in the life of each and every employee unceremoniously to get into other people’s conversations and comment on what did not concern her. And then running too regularly in accounting, in the back room with a cup and stick there for a long time deciding, so to speak, important operational issues. You spun office romance and kept it a complete secret ? Yes, the very next morning after your break up she will come running to comfort you or make peace- her overweening secrecy. Remind fired about seven years ago Khvostikov, and she’d say, ” Oh, it’s such a fair-haired, whose civilian husband appendicitis removed ? ” Already in January she administration straining their ideas and active organization of the future 8- March korporativa keeps in mind all the birthdays and retirements in the scale of the company, and no member of the families of employees from the janitor to the chief was not born and died without her participation in the collection of donations.

Council of Psychologists. Often we willingly support the speculation about colleagues, but do not like to talk about ourselves, resembles Tatiana Mikheenko. Do not want to ” Shura ” was blowing gossip- do not support such conversations with her, do not give her food for a flurry of activity. ” Communicate only work and the man himself will disappear- it will be interesting,”- says the expert.

Most likely, public man shortage of events in his personal life and he gets experience in dealing with others. ” There is dissatisfaction with life : I want to feel important, significant, and in a professional field, it looks like it can not,- says Olga Stashuk.- It makes sense to assign such employee jobs are important for the whole team, and so to realize its potential. Activist will be able to thwart their laurels, and its energy will be redirected to a peaceful course and nobody touches. ”

PRINCESS-laughing- the Pea

As a general rule, is located in tucked away behind a ficus, away from the eyes of director and close to the kettle- she appreciates comfort and denied him ” because of your work” does not intend to. Offended, perturbed expression, confidence that it will all have to mulishness and bear fruit- even the chief passes at the first sound disgruntled grumbling. Such ” pfe ” never goes on flying detachment- she ” was engaging spend 15 minutes of your break your meeting ” never glues the envelope with the documents to send- for this is the secretary, but a couple of dozen employees regularly finish its projects: see, she did not pay extra for irregular work in the evenings, dial plate- not her duty, and if she does not leave today for half an hour before they are then late for driving courses, and in general it was played migraine. I do not care that the report must pass today. Need to try very much to the absence of objective merit and outstanding merits like that subjugate others receiving commensurate salary, but princesses succeed without difficulty.

Council of Psychologists. This is clearly a selfish person. He often calls in on someone else’s territory and knows no boundaries of behavior, says Olga Stashuk. If you want to find him approach and build relationships, the key is good- do sometimes relevant compliments to his ability and merit. At the same time insist that he carried out his duties himself. ” Do not give up the slack- take on the one, he gladly takes the kick and the second and third- said the expert.- A request to attend courses outside working hours- once he clearly knows his rights, and does not interfere with recall rights of the employer. ” If a person is eternally dissatisfied, he subconsciously looking for sympathy and waiting to feel sorry for him- poor, so toil and no one appreciates. “In fact, such a pity you can not hurt employee- more than go on about it, the more it will have a headache- sure Tatiana Mikheenko.- Sometimes it is worth mentioning that all are free to choose the workplace, and if it does not suit you- no you do not delay. ”


no matter how cheeky had an office, there must exist ” caretaker ” who will persistently implement the unwritten laws of the “right” life. He wanders busily and regularly collects trash, shows beginners where put umbrellas, and even the “oldies” constantly indicates that the folder should be put in this closet, and a printer for centuries stood just to the left of the cactus. At nine he appears sedately with a briefcase on the doorstep and clicks her tongue reproachfully on latecomers. At meetings of the arm and pulls kratenko- for 40 minutes, no more- monotone says about how poorly organized workflow in the semi-abandoned archive. Useless ads in toilets and on the doors of the ” If you poured all the water from the kettle, please fill it ” and ” Today from 12:00 to 12:45 will be cleaning my desk, thank you for your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience “- also his work. Staff members who are not worse than it is known how to deal with folders and tea, read, listen and tolerate uninvited teacher last effort.

Council of Psychologists. According Mikheenko, ” counselor ” can not be undone once and for all. The only way for a while to get rid of his teachings- periodically tell him that you instructions and recommendations from him did not ask for, and if they are needed, be sure to refer to it. What can you do- such a ” right” frame feels perfectly safe, and he feels comfortable only when everything in his life is structured, laid out on shelves and no one brings chaos even small things, explains Olga Stashuk.
Treat it with understanding and look at this as a colleague benefiting- because people in their own way tries to restore order and improve workflow. ” Simply avoid the moments in which it is problematic to get used to not run into carping and pouchitelstva- advises Stashuk.- For example, do not try to engage him in a corporate event or team competitions, games- it is unlikely, people will just get annoyed and grumble. ”

Cinderella stepmother

That worked with a man ride to travel, drink coffee… Like an ordinary woman, smiling even. But it is worth a little quarrel, like a mask of benevolence and flies into the light is such that I want to hide under the table. Accounting miscalculated in selling MarIvanna for one day, or not enough for her Christmas soldering, or engineer criticized for errors in the estimates- the scandal is inevitable. With tears, tantrums, cursing, remembering the problems of a decade ago, and transition to the individual, not only the offender, but no members of his innocent family. In five minutes, she would pour so much dirt on the opponent that sediment and spoiled the mood enough for the whole team, and the originator of her anger will wish one- down the drain. But after half an hour- and the film is fused, the accumulated anger slopped and Maryvanna behaves as if nothing had happened. Apologizing does not even think- she was sure that her reaction was adequate event. Colleagues try not to interfere with her every moment, every day but still at risk of running into a stream of filth.

Council of Psychologists. What emotionally respond to such attacks, the bigger will be the scandals, warns Tatiana Mikheenko. ” Whatever you do, always be poor ; do not expect a good attitude, do not count on the good, and more work on your insults- they can not keep “- recommends psychologist. Brawlers tend to think they can beat everyone and treat others with contempt and disdain, setting in motion a variety of tools of influence. So, we need to put them in their place by any permissible methods (up to call the police if the real drama was played), concludes Stashuk. ” Such a person must show that there is opposition to his power (usually they know to whom you can open your mouth, and before whom to hold back), then it will behave more cautiously- said the expert.- Will you be afraid to touch it once again- Wanton more. Better find a way to precipitate, and then get the show on which calculates and loving theater event inadequate. ”


There are people for whom work- that native cuisine. At 13:01 in the office canteen already overcrowded : there are cut salads and in the microwave for 40 minutes stuck baked potato with ribs. They manage to warm up in sudochki miracle fish or cutlets with garlic so that the rest of the day these two floors fragrant gourmet cuisine with the commemorated ” kindly quiet ” word. “Home” to a colleague and it never occurs to them that you should not store the three-liter 8 cans of canned vegetables in sacks at the desktop, and it is absurd to walk around the office in house slippers, sometimes spreading the flavor is not the freshest socks. There are even individuals who come to work at 7 am and in silence, with feeling, really play and have breakfast under the preview of the series and the morning news.

Council of Psychologists. As a general rule, such ” house cats ” very sociable and harmless. They are comfortable, they are happy to do and frankly believe that does not affect the comfort of colleagues. “Be lenient to them and considerate- they do all this not out of malice, but naively- recommends Stashuk.- Once a colleague did not realize that others do not like it Undercounter tavern, and odorous sudochki herring, somehow nonroughness talk to him about it. ” Very correct to make such a speech : “You know, I can not stand the smell of garlic- allergy. You could not have it at home ? “. This way you are not talking about his shortcomings, and their problems, and not run the risk of seriously offend people. However, there is a limit every Herring notes Mikheenko. If dining on fish moved already working papers here fit attract and bosses- to make a point. “In the end, you can negotiate and establish office rules that would prohibit such behavior, once the employee sees that others somehow behave modestly.”


} With such a nice colleague escape from hard labor on a smoke break, he never annoying and contagious laugh for any reason and without. Carefree and easy employee for joint campaigns ” Coffee “- the dream of office plankton. But it is necessary to entrust him with a serious problem for the whole team as the public’s favorite suddenly turns into a dunce and durohlopa. Because he always forgets everything and nothing attaches no importance. He sneezed responsibility : convinced that all plenty of time and jambs leveled using bright smile and the words ” I forgot to drive home tomorrow will bring.” But whatever was promised for tomorrow, done and it will be brought to a week and a half later, in the meantime have to wriggle out of the whole bunch of colleagues. Good chastise this childlike mouth does not open, and a little help- in the ear and notation, and ten minutes later transformed into a fresh anecdote.

Council of Psychologists. This cute shirt- guy really actually hidden aggressive, says Olga Stashuk. His ” I’m sorry, I forgot “- is actually a way to do nothing. And he reckoned there was nothing- he does not seem to refuse to perform, and in fact it turns out that rely on nothing is impossible. Other way, except once or twice to push him with the consequences of their own bungling, not here. “Despite pardonable smile, explain that if you forget the drive and the third time, you will lose Prize- potential penalties must clearly describe “- Olga recommends Stashuk. In any case it is impossible to cover it slips and hobnob familiar terms. ” Within five minutes of laughter in the smoking room pay off trouble at work “- sums up Mikheenko.

Author: Tatiana Nehoda