What not to do after retirement. 10 tips

So, the global financial crisis has crept close to the real sector of the economy, which generated a wave of redundancies. Workers are left behind. American expert on psychological support Karen Burns, author of books on career development in the magazine USNews u0026 World Report tells readers what not to do the next day in case of dismissal.

We have already published her article on what you need to take if you are fired. Now we are talking about ” no.”

1. In any case should not feel ashamed. With the current economic situation, but one can say with a high degree of certainty : no one thinks that led to the dismissal of your mistake.

2. Do not lose your temper. If there was, and is, for sure, the desire to send former boss, former colleagues or malicious message, do not need to do this. Bad idea.

3. Do not throw your money away. Of course, to spend money on new clothes, booze or buying a new TV is attractive and will bring some temporary relief. But all this will end.

4. It is not necessary to get into the emergency reserve. It is only in extreme cases. The first thing to do is to reduce unnecessary costs. Step number two- time job.

5. Not scored in the hole. Log in to the network via the Internet and consult with the people who found themselves in a similar situation- a lot of them out there.

6. Do not take hasty decisions. Nowhere to move to a new residence in another city, throwing his wife, or shave his head bald.

7. Should not be lazy, although it may be a desire lain in bed until noon. No, the first day after losing his job take a step in the search for a new one. Even if it is not an essential step.

8. Should not discriminate against the idea of ??contacting employment. Once it exists, then it makes sense.

9. Do not forget about your health. Of course, hardly a desire to do physical exercise, but potato chips for breakfast seem attractive alternative. But no- keep thinking about a healthy body.

10. Do not need to cast aside concern about health insurance. There are things that simply can not skimp.

11. Do not despair (oh, this is already the 11th, but a very important point!). Many occur in the life of trouble. Anyway, people overcome them- and life goes on. Exactly the same with you.

Source : Point.ru