What not to do in the absence of superiors

funny_office.jpg When the chief absent from work, subject to a sigh of relief- and even arrange holiday disobedience. Here are a few examples of what troubles can befall when people are too abused his newfound freedom or responsibility.

Head / boss did not come today / did not come to work. What do you do ?

a) Vbezhite in his / her office, and search through the drawers out of it in a convenient, easy chair ; or b) realize that this is a great opportunity to prove themselves responsible and capable employee.

Yes, you guessed right : many dizzy when they first pochuyut his power, and some are just falling over themselves (and allow a lot of missteps), trying to show off their skills. Here are a few examples of what not to do behind the heads.

We do not advise to do something in a hurry…- after returning bosses have to repent, he discovered the hard way Murray Steele, a professor of strategic management from Cranfield School of Management. Long ago, when he was a young deputy manager in the company that produced the engineering equipment, Steele took the fallen down powers and took decisive action- and in response to his colleagues on strike. ” Someone from the production department to win me over to their side. I wanted to impress their superiors and immediately began to act- says Steele.- But, as it turned out, I heard only one side of the dispute.” After Steele ruled nobody employee disciplinary action, others to protest stopped working. ” Good thing I was not fired,”- he says. But the incident gave him a useful lesson. ” Do not act hastily, if not require, and always hear both sides of the dispute.”

Do not recommend exercise initiative. When people are asked to take responsibility, they often change the common sense, says Dr. Michael Anderson, manager of educational programs at Coventry University Enterprises. He cites the example of one assistant manager, who decided to take care of exotic fishes his boss. ” When the manager returned from vacation, he was told that the work all right- only fish fell asleep.” Fish are dead : assistant, mistaking aromatic flavor with food, accidentally poisoned them. ” Clearly figure out what you are instructed to make the boss, and what he does not ask you,”- says Anderson. And do not take on too much : ” Do not be afraid, if necessary, ask for help.”

We do not want you to behave like a young squirt. Inexperience- common excuse unreasonable or stupid acts. Press officer, who wished to remain anonymous, told how to work as a waitress at the time decided to try to amuse his surly boss. ” We decided that one of the cooks like a Noddy [ wooden boy hero of the book and the popular children’s TV program in England ]. He did not really like it,- she says.- Then we got hold of the red and yellow water-soluble paint and painted his car like a car When at age 21 he was assigned to temporarily manage hardware store, he paid forward to the new supplier that offered electric at a reasonable price. ” When the chief returned, he was very pleased with this transaction. But then the police came to us and it turned out that we had purchased the stolen goods.” Lee fired.

Do not invent a new model of wheel. Temporarily left in charge, resist the temptation to spend a radical transformation, says Penina Thomson, co-founder of Praesta, specializing in training leaders. She cites the example of a certain backup that when the chief was absent from work due to illness, started a general reorganization of the procurement system in the company. Instead of displaying his innovation, he antagonized the boss who returned before the introduction of the new system. Focus on how to perform their duties as best as possible, says Thomson. ” It is unwise to scare chief, creating the feeling that you metite in his place.”

Do not be lazy. ” If the boss is not in place, behave as if he is still there at work. Do not change your style of behavior,”- said Jenny Angless, coach with recruitment site Monster.

Angless was unhappy when the team which she chaired in her absence arranged “Holiday slacker.” ” When I came back, some sarcastically exchange smiles, others looked guiltily,- she says.- They highlighted the work is not strained, long gone to dinner. Decided that they had something like a holiday on the job- what incompetence “.

Connect. If there is no head of a power vacuum may reign chaos. It found Peter Watson, Daisy Communications Manager for service and support when I worked for the company that produced furniture. Temporary bosses, overworked and not having instructions from above, began to take temporary workers directly from the street. ” One man brought with him for breakfast four cans of Special Brew”,- says Watson. In the end, still resort to the services of recruitment agencies, but it happened only after the furniture began to disappear. “Everyone tried to clean up its own way, each pulling his own way, each argued that his way- the best “, but it all ended chaos.

Author: Claire Dite, The Times

{3 Source} : Inopressa.ru