What to do during a bank robbery, if you- not a robber ?

Over the past two years, Ukraine has been plundered over 110 bank branches. How many bank customers about ATMs robbed, no one even considered. What you need to do to have the money you will ever need. The journalists ‘Money’ figured out how to act in emergency situations to save both life and wallet.

reports of armed raid on a bank branch found on news feeds with terrifying regularity. And, over time robberies are becoming more daring and violent. One of the most resonant was robbery ” Privat ” in December 2011 in the center of Donetsk, where criminals, without hesitation, shot five people.

Another loud robbery occurred in 2009. Attackers detonated two bombs right in the office of ” Savings Bank ” in Melitopol. Injured 28 people, many of them were onlookers. Between the first and the second explosion took several minutes, and during that time the building was surrounded by a crowd of people, and who were the victims.

These stories suggest, that the branches of banks is better not to go- will tselee. And this is indeed the case. All possible operations better excuse via Internet banking. Fast, safe and time saving. But to completely abandon the service departments, we can not. Therefore, security measures and rules of behavior in extreme situations should know each banking client.

Situation 1. Robbery Branch

If a bank customer was the victim of a robbery department, the main behave calmly do not make any sudden movements, do not try to run away, and do not scream. It is important in such a situation not to provoke his behavior attacking any more unpredictable and aggressive actions. And with guidance from the robbers, whatever they may seem outrageous- do them.

” Count on the fact that one armed guard on the premises of the bank to be able to prevent an armed robbery at least silly. Our task- to maintain public order and promptly call a special unit of the Interior Ministry in emergency situation and not run around and waving a gun “- confessed ” money ” guard one of the branches ” Privat ” Sergey Ryzhkov.

In most cases the robbers attacked offices located in residential areas where there is a way for a quick withdrawal (possibility to park the car right outside the building). The most probable time of the raid- middle of the day, when the room is at least people. Therefore it is better to choose to visit an office in a public place and to come back there in the morning or evening.

Situation 2. Witness robbery

If a person has witnessed a robbery, but it is not directly victim, you need to move away from the bank at a safe distance, and call the police. Duty should mention the address of the incident, describe what was going on, if possible- indicate the number of attackers.

” Exercise heroism and try to stop looters in any case is impossible, as it is fraught with consequences”- warns head of relations with public MIA of Ukraine Volodymyr Polishchuk. And, far away from the crime scene is not worth it : the police arrived on the scene, most likely wish to get detailed testimony.

Situation 3. Major Transaction

Many attacks are due to pre- leak information about the upcoming financial transaction- cash withdrawals, for example. And, often blame themselves clients, telling strangers- friends, colleagues, taxi driver- about upcoming transactions and they have a large amount on hand. So the first rule- on financial transactions need to know only those whom it directly concerns.

In the transaction itself (for cash) is worth taking a trusted person who can assess their environment, while cashier gives or receives money. ” After the operation is also better to leave by car, accompanied by people who trust the client, and not to use public transport or taxis “- advises Head of Market and Operational Risk FUIB Anton Butovo. And the customer can ask the bank to carry out its protection from the door to the car department. There is nothing to be ashamed of and guard friendly bank is unlikely to refuse a client.

In addition, most banks accept a preliminary application for the removal of large amounts of money. Therefore, not to stand in a long queue and not to attract too much attention, you can negotiate personally with the head of the bank branch on the most convenient time, when the amount of prying eyes around would be minimal.

“Money” is not advised to store large amounts cash at home. Practice shows that steal them can not only output from the department, but also at home, shortly after the bank. In the midst of the mortgage lending friend ‘s planned purchase of an apartment. A few days before the deal shopper bank withdrew all their savings (about 30 thousand dollars). The next day she called the neighbors to work and said that she had burned apartment. Thieves stole not only money, but also burned apartment to cover his tracks.

Therefore, having received money in the bank, they should either quickly shift into a safe-deposit box, or directly perform the operation for which they were shot. {2

} situation 4. Assault near ATM

most often occur at the ATM robbery when withdrawing money. Especially if such an operation takes place in the dark.

“I found myself in a rather sticky situation : Woman invited for dinner, forget the house money and card in a restaurant, unfortunately, did not participate. The nearest ATM was across the road, and I decided to take the money. While versed with fancy terminal menu and counting cash, did not notice that behind him were two men, one of them threatened me with a knife, if you do not give money and wallet taken. And all would have ended badly, do not appear on the road patrol car, seeing that my robbers fled immediately “,- says Andrey Rudenko kievlyanin.

Before you use an ATM, you must inspect the immediate area for the presence of drunk and aggressive people or companies. And if suspicious persons were still nearby, would be reasonable to abandon the operation.

If a bank customer nevertheless became victim of a robbery, it is better not to resist and give the attacker the money. But after the attacker flee immediately call the police. Most ATMs are equipped with video cameras. Therefore, the event and its participants will be fixed, if everything is right in front of the ATM. ” And with a camera recording the security service bank will be able to help with the provision of evidence and contribute to the capture of criminals “- says Anton Butovo.

Situation 5. In the area of self-service

It is much safer to use ATMs installed indoor areas 24- hour service. Access to such a ” kiosk ” Self is only possible through a payment card, which works like an electronic key. Moreover, in such spaces are almost always installed video surveillance.

The only negative- the walls are almost always self-service areas transparent. That is, attackers can easily ” detect ” a man take the money and watch for it to exit. If a bank customer noticed surveillance even in ” The Glass ” is not worth risking the health, out of the asylum. Better to call a few friends or relatives and ask them to come. Ideally, of course, should call the police patrol. But our guards are rarely willing to prevent crime, preferring to deal with what has happened. Therefore, it is possible that the police ignore this call. And in order to avoid such situations, it is better to use self-service areas on the crowded streets.

Summary: To save money and health, do not use ATMs and self-service kiosks at night in remote places to go in sparsely populated areas in the department and store large amounts of cash at home.

Authors: Vyacheslav Kovalenko

Source : Ukraine Criminal