What questions to ask before a job

The interview- it’s not ” interrogation ” of the applicant. Of course, it often begins with questions recruiter about your experience, education, why is this vacancy attracted you among others. But then the prospective employer expects questions from you. It is important to not only ask the right questions about the future of the workplace.

It is equally important to ask them in the correct sequence- writes today.

1. Functional responsibilities in his new job.

Even if you discuss them, and you like everything is clear- once again discuss the unknown points. For example, how much you will be independent in making decisions. Specified in the first place and with sincere interest, this question will accentuate your highly motivated and show the recruiter that before him responsible and professional specialist. Also, if you ‘re asking the right questions in functionality, can pass for ” their man.”

2. Objectives and outcomes.

The question is also mandatory and necessary. It is important to understand clearly what you expect from the future employer, for example, in the annual run. Necessary to estimate the total amount of tasks, their complexity and urgency. Well divide tasks into before and after the trial period. Should immediately assess what proportion will be split tasks. And, of course, for how you really deal with them successfully in the set time frame.

the second sub-question, which follows from the first: How are the results of the tasks ? What are the criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of your work ?

Do not hesitate to clarify the nuances. For example, if a position in sales, what are the plans not only in numbers but also periods (monthly, quarterly, ready, etc.), how account for seasonality, etc.

asking these questions, you demonstrate that you know how to think strategically and plan their activities. And in the future it will be easier to self-assess their work, focusing on the agreed performance criteria.

3. Adaptation and probation.

Be sure to check how will be your trial period, how much it will last, whether there is a possibility of reduction. Do you plan to be instructed or adaptation workshop ? Will you have a mentor, who can be contacted on any issue ? Is there a plan tasks in any form and by whom and how it is controlled execution? As will be assessed on the basis of probation ? Do not hesitate to ask again if you do not understand anything.

6. History of a vacancy.

Well, if the new job, the company grows and develops. If there is a position in the company for a long time, pay attention to the reasons for the dismissal of the previous employee. Comments personnel manager may be different (to find another job, lost, is on maternity leave, etc.) and not necessarily true.

In any case, the answer to this question may give you food for thought and search, if necessary, additional information on the Internet.

If it turns out that for the current year in this position already visited three specialists, think- if you want to be the fourth.

5. Social package.

Of course, it is important to know the schedule of work, vacation, sick leave, travel, size and format of the social package. The main thing- do not show a lot of emotion (both positive and negative) during this discussion. If the item you are paying more attention and interest than the first four, the employer will ask themselves- and for which you need a job ?