How not to ask for a raise

payment.jpg When a person learns how earn his colleagues, his first thought- require allowances. However, there are right and wrong ways to do it.

I need the money. And the more- the better. However, now that the credit system is in crisis, corporations are cutting costs, and the British had not outlived the natural silence and ask for an increase is not so easy. Here are tips on what not to do :

are beside ourselves. ” About a year ago (at another company) employee came to my office to discuss, closed the door and literally exploded- says David Valentine, commercial director at SHL.- He demanded to increase his salary by at least 25 %, because the party got drunk and told everyone how much earn. ” Valentine then managed to calm the employee (not promising the gain), but keep in mind that outburst is not conducive to a good mood chief.

To demand equality. This is a difficult moment. Sometimes people are discriminated against, for example, by gender, but most professional employees are paid according to performance. An angry man from the previous example demanded equality, but Valentine’s answer was short and even humiliating, “I hinted that foreign earnings are not necessarily show how much he needs to make, and that his salary is due to the fact, what benefits it brings to the company.” {2

} Require without giving anything in return. ” Some people say, ” I’m good, because I think so, “- explains Torsten mate, director of the British Branch Experteer, staff recruitment company.- I answer “No, because you can not explain to me the results achieved.” But do not go too far the other way, warns Julia Gosling, managing director of marketing agency Mabox. She meticulously prepared to talk about a raise and so long talked about their achievements that boss bored. ” 20 minutes I told her about something, and the conversation was not”- says the woman.

Do not think that your business will solve all problems. ” one day at a forum of private investors is one potential investor asked beginning entrepreneurs that it intends to do through 100 thousand pounds, which requested for the project. She replied : ” In the first two years I want to earn 50 thousand pounds a year.” After these words, all investors removed their checkbooks out, “- says Sally Goodsell, head of the investment firm’s Finance South East. Perhaps this is your business, but if you want to attract investment in the initial stage, be willing to accept low pay. {2

} Talking drunk. “I was at a corporate party, and late at night I was approached by an employee who has decided that the informal setting (and slightly drunken swagger) to help him achieve the best results- says Duncan Houort, director of JLT Benefit Solutions.- I pointed out that this is the wrong moment, and asked him to call later, but it is not addressed. Missed my chance. ” Do not take chances and do not be angry chief- a conversation should take place in the office.

Threaten care. It will not work, unless you are absolutely indispensable employee- and is unlikely to true. All the experts with whom we spoke before writing the article, I remember a case when the boss did not succumb to the bluff, and the employee was in a pickle. Even if you really are a number of open vacancies, it will not necessarily help. Valentine One of his subordinates filed about quitting when his company could not guarantee twice the salary that was promised to another firm. However, when he learned the details of the contract- he was not supposed pensions and bonuses, but because the total wage increase did not work- he timidly asked to pick up an application possibilities. {2

} to behave as the union of one man. “Employers often consider a request for a raise as a personal criticism,”- explains Ros Kindersley, director of recruiting JFL Search and Selection. If you tell the boss that he is bound to give rise, because you are underpaid, the chief goes on the defensive. “I know a woman who went to his boss and said my girlfriend to another PR firm received an increase. It does the same job as me, so I want the same money.” Employee did not receive allowances and tried to threaten- ” I’m leaving.” All ended in tears. According Kindersley, better to create a positive attitude and not assert that you boss operates. “Say : ” I love my job and think I achieved a lot… I want to discuss the prospects and find out whether it is possible to obtain an increase. ” In this case, the chief feels that rewards you for your good work.

beg. ” One employee came to me and started telling me that can barely make ends meet- mortgage payments rose, the groom lost his job, and it needs more money- gives an example Kindersley.- I sympathized with her ??, but not for me to answer for her fiance. ” Instead, he suggested the woman charity work harder to earn more- so she did.

Author: Kathy Chynoweth, The Times

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