How to open a flower shop

It’s hard to imagine any celebration, whether it be a wedding, anniversary or March 8, without flowers. Potted plants also in many apartments have become almost pets. So the demand for flowers is and always will.

“Today” has learned how to open a shop selling flowers and related products, and found the difficulties may be encountered during operation.

first, we should study the market : the Internet to learn who the main suppliers of flowers in the country, to know their products, working conditions and delivery. And then decide what flower company in purchasing flowers and indoor plants for your store.

We are looking for a shop space

“Getting with the search space for the store. Market of small shops selling mostly live cut flowers, for example, near subway stations and markets, monopolized large floral company. However, you can try your luck in the big shopping centers or new housing estates “- told us the owner of the shop” Barberry ” Oksana Noisy. The main thing that outlet was in a crowded place.

For a small store room suitable area 20-30 m. meters. Rent this shop should not exceed Rs 8000-14000 per month- an aspiring entrepreneur can not draw large amounts. We must be prepared for the fact that the first six months will have to pay rent out of pocket, so that its value lay in the need to immediately start creating a budget for the flower business. Often only after six months of work the owner starts to earn not only the payroll vendors, payment for goods and public services, but also on the lease. When the room is found for the store, you need to enter into a lease with the owner. Usually pay first and last month’s rent.

Decorate interior

in parallel with the search for premises to register as a private entrepreneur and choose a suitable system of taxation. Typically, owners of small stores operate under the simplified system, pay about 300 USD per month.

Oksana Noisy notes that the face of a flower shop- it showcases where the goods will be presented, it will be necessary to purchase a special refrigeration. They need two or three pieces. They are maintained at a temperature +5-8, ° and flowers remain fresh longer. Stand showcases 6-15 ths. Also in the store must be equipped with good lighting, it is important for houseplants. It will help to ensure energy-efficient fluorescent lighting. May still need shelving, racks and vases. If necessary, have to make repairs.

We buy goods

to buy. The first order beginning businessman cost not less than Rs 000 in 6000-10. About a third of this amount will be spent on durable goods such as pots, pots, fertilizers, gift packaging and accessories. The remaining funds- for purchase of live cut flowers and potted plants. Their number and value will depend on where in the store will be located.

“If it’s a shopping center, it is best if the 70-80 % range will be houseplants- in such places often buy them on gift or home. Most of them should be blooming. Rest of the range will be cut flowers and ornamental grasses. If your store will be located in a residential area, the greater part of the goods must be cuts and smaller domestic flora. It is better that the ratio was 70/30 %. Nearly half of fresh flowers should be exotic, it is not only orchids, but also, for example, freesia, eustomy, amaryllis, anthurium, etc. Among houseplants must also present exotic, such as Calamondin, anemones or eucalyptus “- says Elena Kirilenko, a shopkeeper “Flowers. Everything in the house. ”

Prices. Prices clippings products is best to place two times higher procurement. A few days after the importation of unsold flowers begin to cut the price on the seventh day you shall give it at cost, not to write off the goods. Deliver fresh goods you need at least three times a week. The price of the house plants also necessary to put in twice the procurement.

CONTENTS. The slices should not stand in the store more than a week, but in order for them to maintain a fresh look all the time, you must adding water in small amounts of special solutions. Water should be changed every two days. Houseplants after arrival from the supplier treated against parasites and fungi. Then it is necessary for them to properly care, fertilize and maintain at an optimum temperature. This summer is considered 20, 22, and 15 in winter, 17 below the temperature in the store should not fall in the afternoon, 13 hours is acceptable, 14.

We are looking for staff {2

} “The presence of special education for florists- sellers not required. The main thing- to experience in this area was rich in imagination, the ability to sell and entice buyers. Suitable candidates is best to look at the job sites. During the interview, see how much a person is confident and knows all the nuances of flower arranging, whether pleasant in communication and able to position yourself to a companion. If all these parameters it suits you, then at the end of the job interview, let the florist to make a bouquet or floral arrangement. So you can see the style of work of the applicant, the florist and the level of skill, “- explains Oksana Noisy.

Florists should be at least two. As a rule, the work schedule- 12-14 hours a day for two days in two, three or four three four. Their responsibilities include making bouquets, compositions, and thinking through the decoration shop and shop interior, demand forecasting of various colors in the next month, trimming and cleaning of cut stems of plants, care for the flora, the counting of income and expenditure, the sale of goods. For all this, each of florists sellers will have to pay at least 4500-5000 USD per month.

The right documents

Approvals need to open to receive from local officials.

” to open a flower shop, the following documents : resolution authority fire control at the beginning of the premises, the conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological station premises, letter- management agreement on the location of the item trade trade complaint book, trade patent. For trade patent must apply to the territorial authority Mindohodov and fees. The presence of the cash register is a prerequisite for business. Also outlet must be equipped with a payment terminal, “- said Jan Kondratuk lawyer LC” Alex Pooh and Partners. ”

and Internet Advertising

” The first and important step- it’s a luxury and a beautiful showcase. It should be the composition of the colors that people will not meet its nearest competitor. Second- it is bright and visible from afar signboard. Can also help paint painted on the pavement and cheerful allure advertising, far from the store, which can go from the graphical trace straight to you, “- says Elena Kirilenko.

More to attract buyers to your store will help art prodazhnika- florist that can capture the attention of even the chance visitors. He must so to entice a person to want to buy one, if not now, then soon. It is also necessary to make buyers discounts and small gifts.

More success living stationary store will give a virtual store, because there, too, can find additional buyers. So beginning businessman have to spend money to create a website of their online store, which will embody hired a web designer. In 1500-3000 it will cost Rs. This web creation, like most online sales services to attract customers will need SEO- promotion and contextual advertising. This month will go about 1000-2000 UAH. It can do as the owner of the shop, and employed internet marketer.

By the way, an online store can be their chips. For example, a buyer with the camera that is on the site in real-time can see what colors are in the store, select some specific, consult with the florist and even see how they will create customized composition.

Start budget

to pay rent and inexpensive arrangement room, single tax, utilities, payroll two florists, purchase of goods, website creation, PPC advertising and SEO- promotion, as well as temporary services web designer and internet marketer in the first six months beginning businessman need 15-18 thousand dollars. And in the case of store location in a prestigious area, you will need 20-30 thousand dollars.

According to the owners of flower shops, to exit the business, ” zero “, that is, when an entrepreneur starts a fully recoup their costs, you may need six to twelve months. But a substantial profit flower trade will start to bring only a year and a half after the store opened.

Author: Eugene Pavlyukova